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Chapter 14 - Your The Part Of Me That I Love


Ainsley's POV

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

The ticking of the clock beside the couch was become a rythmic song and I even had a beat tapped out with my fingers. My eyes were focused on the TV which was playing a re-run of Pretty Little Liars but I wasn't completely paying attention to it. I was waiting for the clock to point out that it was five minutes until seven-thirty. Ben had promised me that he would call me when he got up at seven-thirty.

I peek at the clock out of the corner of my eye and saw I only had four painful moments to wait until I would hear his voice again, even though I heard it when I went to bed last night. I heard footsteps behind me and I turn my head to find Nikki buried in her phone, her fingers rapidly tapping the screen of her iPhone. She looked up at me and greeted me with a bright smile, my heart dropped a little because I was basically looking at Rhiannon's face all over again. "Good morning, Ainsley." I greeted her with an equally bright smile, giving her a small wave before feeling my phone vibrate in my lap.

I squeal and Nikki looks at me curiously before I held up my phone for her to see that it was Ben. She smiled at me and walked around to the front of the couch and sat down next to me, motioning for me to answer the call. I press the answer button and smile widely, my heart pounding just like every time he would call me.

"Good morning, Ains." He says to me, I could hear a door shut in the background. "Good morning Ben!" Nicole and I shout into my phone and I hear him laugh loudly at our loud greeting. "Well, good morning to you too, ladies. What are you two up to today?" Nikki and I look at each other and she lays a finger on her chin in thought, flashes me a quick smile. "We are going to going into town and check out all the hot guys." Silence came from Ben's end and I started snickering at Nikki. "We're just kidding Benny, I wouldn't make your girlfriend do that to you. You've been through enough already." She frowns at my phone, waiting for an answer to come from him.

"Nik, we both have been through a lot but I'm glad we're both doing better than when it first happened. Anyway, before I start getting depressed, we're doing a concert in New York tonight and I wish you guys could come." It was almost like he was hinting at us to come watch them perform, and Nikki and I looked at each other in thought.

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