The Grand Feast

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Weeks had passed since Tauriel's encounter with the Orcs; and since then, the King had not spoken to her other than when he gave duties for her to complete which was mandatory. Tauriel began to grow worried that she had upset the King and she even began to feel sympathy and sorrow for him which was something completely new for her.

"Captain!" A voice called.

Tauriel turned her head, and her blank expression changed to that of a delighted one as her eyes lay upon one of her youngest guard members. His name was Erwen and he was in his first year as part of the guard.

"Hello Erwen." She bowed her head politely towards him sending a flush of colour across his cheeks.

"My Captain...I was just going to enquire about the grand feast tonight.." He paused for a moment and Tauriel nodded her head, encouraging him to speak. "Well I was wondering if you would do me the greatest pleasure one could and accompany me to the feast. If you don't have a partner already." He finished and looked down.

"Of course I would love that." Tauriel smiled brightly. "Truth is I had completely forgotten about the feast." She admitted.

"How could you? It is the yearly celebration that marks the first day Elven Kings ruled over this land." He teased with a smirk, growing bolder by the moment.

"Oh hush hush." Tauriel replied with a light laugh. "Meet me outside my house at seven. I trust you know where it is?" She asked.

Erwen nodded and smiled. "Thank you so much my Captain--"

"Tauriel." She interrupted. "Call me Tauriel."

He nodded. "Thank you so much my Cap--I mean Tauriel. You have made me quite possibly the happiest Elf to roam this land." He said.

Tauriel smiled and turned on her heel. "Please excuse me for the moment. I have duties I must attend too. See you tonight." She said.

Tauriel ventured out into the forest; her trusty bow held tightly between her fingers, an arrow already notched. Her twin blades rested perfectly, one at either side of her body held beneath the make of a Dwarven sheath. Elves hated to admit they used Dwarven materials however their sheaths were simply some of the best, and there was no use in having your enemy swipe your own weapon and using it against you. The Dwarven sheaths prevented that from happening and Tauriel honestly could not care less were it came from or who made it, so long as it did it's job.

Her leg was healing much faster now and to her satisfaction she had been reappointed normal duties in the forest. Today her task was simple; clear a nest of spiders. However, after the incident before she was forbidden from hunting alone, Legolas now accompanied her on all outings to the forest which she liked at times, and at others she hated. The forest was her special place, her relaxing place and she liked to be alone there at times to think, feel, maybe even go for a swim to relieve her tension. Now she had to share her special place, and to add to her frustration Legolas never ceased speaking.

"Hello." She smiled politely as she met Legolas just outside the main gate to the palace.

"Captain." He replied with a nod.

"Okay; so my duty for today is to clear a spider's nest approximately 487 paces east of the bridge." She said. "May I remind you that you are not to shoot any spiders unless I instruct you to. This is my task, you are no more than back up. I shall like it if you do not notch an arrow unless I require assistance. Clear?" She asked as she strode out towards the forest.

Legolas nodded in agreement. "Of course Tauriel. I would never dream of claiming your prey as my own." He said.

"Good. You shan't live long enough to speak of it if you do." She smirked and tossed her braided hair over one shoulder.

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