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Niall, you the boys and El were on the tour bus going to the next stop on the tour. But the tour bus stopped at a hospital and you looked at Niall clueless. " love what's going on." You said to Niall." Well you know how much you've been wanting to have a scan to see if it's a boy or a girl so I decided to do it here in NYC." " OMG Niall but what about everyone else and how will we get back to the place your singing at." " all sorted love. C'mon then love." " see you at the stadium y/n and Niall." Everyone shouted in unison on the bus.

You got off the bus with Paul because he was your security guard. " this way." The doctor said at the door letting you in to the doctors room. Paul waited outside. The doctor put the gel on your belly and Niall held your hand. "Ok so there's the baby and it looks like it's a boy." The doctor said happily. Niall had tears in his eyes as he kissed your temple. " a boy princess omg I'm so proud of you." " Niall it takes two to make a baby." You and Niall started to laugh as the doctor turned to you and said " here are some pictures of the little man." " thank you." You said as you and Niall went to see Paul in the waiting room. "So what is it." He said excitedly. Niall squeezed my hand to tell him so I did." It's a boy." You said smiling. "Yes Preston owes me a tenner I new it was a boy. Sorry me and Preston had a bet. Anyway congratulations." Paul said as he hugged both of us. There were paps outside so Niall held my hand and we got through it and into the car. To go and tell the boys and El.

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