He's your Stepbrother but you love eachother.

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Harry: You dad, and Harry Styles mom, have been married for about 6 months now. Ever since the day you met him, you wanted him. He was perfect, and lets just say you had raging sexual frustrations for him. Your parents were going on a vacation this week. You’ve been waiting for this moment, or this week alone with Harry for a while now. Your mom was taking her last bag out to the car, when she came to give you a kiss. “By love. Okay, we will be back next Tuesday” she kept rambling on and on, but your mind was clouded with the thought of you and Harry, alone all week. “Bye Mom, i love you too.” You waved, Harry smiled and closed the door behind her. “So (y/n), wanna watch a movie?” You smirked. “Sure, i’m gonna go change real quick. “Okay.” You ran up the stairs. Pulling out a white tank top that showed your cheetah print bra, perfectly. A pair of short shorts, and then you took the elastic out of your hair. You started walking downstairs. Harry heard you coming. “Hey (y/n), you can pick out the mo-” He was speechless at what he saw. “What’s wrong Haz?” you smirked, bending down seductivley to get a movie. “This one.” You told him. You put the movie in and started eating popcorn. Sitting a little closer than usually next to Harry. Every few seconds he would look down at you, would bite his lip, hard. You knew your plan was working. You caught his gaze. He looked away. “(y/n) i know what your doing?” you looked down at your feet. “What’ya mean Harry?” you said giving him a cheeky smile. You put his hand on leg and started rubbing his thigh. You knew he would go crazy or this. You opened your mouth to talk when Harry cupped your face in his hands, kissing you forcefully, you didn’t refuse this. This kiss, turned into a heated makeout session. You straddled his waist. His hands slid down your back, finding your bum. Then he pulled away. “(y/n) we can’t do this, were brother and sister.” You ran your hands through the curls on the back of his head. “Only by marriage, that doesn’t really count, now does it Hazza?” You said getting close to his face. He held your gaze. “I love you (y/n)” “I. Love. You. Too. Harry” you said inbetween kisses. You and Harry spent the rest of the week together. It was amazing. You never wanted it to end. You were nervous, your parents were coming home in a day. You have now fallen even more in love with Harry. “What if he just ends all this, and i’m left hanging.” “What if.. What if..” Is all that ran through your mind. You tried to stop thinking about what could happen, but you just couldn’t. Harry observed your actions. “(Y/n), what’s wrong babe?” He asked you, pulling you into his arms. You were at a loss for words. “What’s gonna happen tomorrow Haz?” finally escaped your lips. His grip got slightly tighter, then he looked into your eyes. “(y/n) we’re going to get through this. We love each other and that’s all that matters, right?” “right.” you replied. You and Harry hungout at your parents flat for the rest of the day. All you wanted was to be in his arms, kissing his lips. You fell asleep in his arms on the couch that night, to wake up the next morning in your bed. Harry no where around. You heard chatter downstairs. Your parents must be home. You walked downstairs, to only find Harry’s mom. “Where’s my dad?” You asked as you poured a glass of oj. She looked at you with tears building up in her eyes. “Uh, i don’t think me and your father are going to be together anymore.” Was all she said before she walked out of the kitchen. “They got in a huge fight. Your dad stayed there (y/n).” Harry said as he caressed your hand. You felt bad. Your dad, had always been the one to run from his problems. He called you later that day, “I’m so sorry (y/n), i think i’m just gonna stay here for a little while. Get my mind off of things, ya know?” You sighed. “Yeah daddy, i know.” “I just don’t think she was right for me.” after finishing the conversation you went and talked to Harry. After a few weeks, his mother met someone. Your dad, decided to stay there longer. So, to you and Harry it seemed about time you tell his mom about the love you share. “Mum?” Harry asked as you two walked into her room. “Yeah Harry?” You stand in the doorway nervous as hell. Harry was explaining the feelings you have for each other, while his mother just sat there.. a blank expression on her face. “So, what do you think about all this mum?” Harry asked as he put an arm on her shoulder. “I think… I think it’s lovely.” She replied coming to hug you. She kissed you on the forehead and whispered. “Be good to him love, okay?” You nodded. She walked out and you jumped into his arms. “I love you so much (y/n). And now i won’t have to hide it.”