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Pen Your Pride

He's your Stepbrother but you love eachother.

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Harry: You dad, and Harry Styles mom, have been married for about 6 months now. Ever since the day you met him, you wanted him. He was perfect, and lets just say you had raging sexual frustrations for him. Your parents were going on a vacation this week. You’ve been waiting for this moment, or this week alone with Harry for a while now. Your mom was taking her last bag out to the car, when she came to give you a kiss. “By love. Okay, we will be back next Tuesday” she kept rambling on and on, but your mind was clouded with the thought of you and Harry, alone all week. “Bye Mom, i love you too.” You waved, Harry smiled and closed the door behind her. “So (y/n), wanna watch a movie?” You smirked. “Sure, i’m gonna go change real quick. “Okay.” You ran up the stairs. Pulling out a white tank top that showed your cheetah print bra, perfectly. A pair of short shorts, and then you took the elastic out of your hair. You started walking downstairs. Harry heard you coming. “Hey (y/n), you can pick out the mo-” He was speechless at what he saw. “What’s wrong Haz?” you smirked, bending down seductivley to get a movie. “This one.” You told him. You put the movie in and started eating popcorn. Sitting a little closer than usually next to Harry. Every few seconds he would look down at you, would bite his lip, hard. You knew your plan was working. You caught his gaze. He looked away. “(y/n) i know what your doing?” you looked down at your feet. “What’ya mean Harry?” you said giving him a cheeky smile. You put his hand on leg and started rubbing his thigh. You knew he would go crazy or this. You opened your mouth to talk when Harry cupped your face in his hands, kissing you forcefully, you didn’t refuse this. This kiss, turned into a heated makeout session. You straddled his waist. His hands slid down your back, finding your bum. Then he pulled away. “(y/n) we can’t do this, were brother and sister.” You ran your hands through the curls on the back of his head. “Only by marriage, that doesn’t really count, now does it Hazza?” You said getting close to his face. He held your gaze. “I love you (y/n)” “I. Love. You. Too. Harry” you said inbetween kisses. You and Harry spent the rest of the week together. It was amazing. You never wanted it to end. You were nervous, your parents were coming home in a day. You have now fallen even more in love with Harry. “What if he just ends all this, and i’m left hanging.” “What if.. What if..” Is all that ran through your mind. You tried to stop thinking about what could happen, but you just couldn’t. Harry observed your actions. “(Y/n), what’s wrong babe?” He asked you, pulling you into his arms. You were at a loss for words. “What’s gonna happen tomorrow Haz?” finally escaped your lips. His grip got slightly tighter, then he looked into your eyes. “(y/n) we’re going to get through this. We love each other and that’s all that matters, right?” “right.” you replied. You and Harry hungout at your parents flat for the rest of the day. All you wanted was to be in his arms, kissing his lips. You fell asleep in his arms on the couch that night, to wake up the next morning in your bed. Harry no where around. You heard chatter downstairs. Your parents must be home. You walked downstairs, to only find Harry’s mom. “Where’s my dad?” You asked as you poured a glass of oj. She looked at you with tears building up in her eyes. “Uh, i don’t think me and your father are going to be together anymore.” Was all she said before she walked out of the kitchen. “They got in a huge fight. Your dad stayed there (y/n).” Harry said as he caressed your hand. You felt bad. Your dad, had always been the one to run from his problems. He called you later that day, “I’m so sorry (y/n), i think i’m just gonna stay here for a little while. Get my mind off of things, ya know?” You sighed. “Yeah daddy, i know.” “I just don’t think she was right for me.” after finishing the conversation you went and talked to Harry. After a few weeks, his mother met someone. Your dad, decided to stay there longer. So, to you and Harry it seemed about time you tell his mom about the love you share. “Mum?” Harry asked as you two walked into her room. “Yeah Harry?” You stand in the doorway nervous as hell. Harry was explaining the feelings you have for each other, while his mother just sat there.. a blank expression on her face. “So, what do you think about all this mum?” Harry asked as he put an arm on her shoulder. “I think… I think it’s lovely.” She replied coming to hug you. She kissed you on the forehead and whispered. “Be good to him love, okay?” You nodded. She walked out and you jumped into his arms. “I love you so much (y/n). And now i won’t have to hide it.”

 Niall: Your mom had just married some guy. You didn’t really know him, because you recently got back from your trip from Paris, with your bestfriends. You and your mom had talked from time to time, she told you about the new ‘love of her life’ and your soon to be brother. You just got home. Your mom and step-father were out. So, you were guessing your brother was there. “Good someone to help me with these bags.” you said to yourself. You walked in, no one was in sight. As you walked back to your room and opened your door. You came to a stop. Seeing your new brother. He was gorgeous. He had no shirt on, “god damn” you thought to yourself. “You must be (y/n)?” you couldn’t speak. You just nodded and smiled. “I’m Niall.” said the sexy irish kid in front of you. *2 months later.* You and Niall had gotten close. You met the boys from the band he was in. He invited you to a small concert they were doing, it wasn’t too far away. After the concert, you and Niall tryed making it back to your house before getting to tired. But you couldn’t. So you stopped at a motel. Running out of the car, into the pouring rain, you finally got a room. You sat there soaked. Watching as Niall the sex god in front of you took off his shirt and ran his fingers through his hair. He was your step-brother, but you loved him. Deeply. He threw you a shirt. You slipped out of your wet clothes, and took off your bra, now in only a t-shirt and underwear. Which you didn’t mind. You and Niall were watching a spanish sitcom, both in barely any clothing. You felt like grabbing his face, and kissing him so badly. But you couldn’t. You were completely stunned when Niall fiercley kissed your lips. He pulled back, “I-i’m so sorry.” He said. Looking away. “I’m not.” you said lifting his chin. His eyes brightened and he kissed you again. After you two stopped he looked you in the eyes. “(y/n) i love you. You smiled big. “I love you too Niall.” You too spent the night cuddled up. Sharing your feelings with eachother. It was pretty awkward between you two back home. But you’ve kept it a secret. no one seems to be on to you yet. Niall; It’s been about three weeks since you and Niall confessed your love for each other. You keep your distance from each other, but when no one is around. You’re all over each other. The last few days it’s been really hard for you two. You wanted each other, but you’re parents were always around. Weeks turned into months. The agony was eating you alive. You just wanted to be with him, in a relationship. You loved each other. But you couldn’t he was your step-brother. The horrible thought replayed through your head. You couldn’t help but slip up a few times when your around you mom and his dad. “(y/n) what’re you doing. You know we can’t do this around them.” He would always say too you. While you were overthinking this whole situation. Your mom walked in. “(y/n) i have to ask you a question.” She said, sitting on the edge of your bed. “Be truthful, okay?” You nodded. Beginning to feel a bit awkward. “Do you have feelings for Niall?” You were shocked. You just sat there. You swallowed the lump in your throat. “Ye-yea-yeah.” you stuttered out as you looked down to the floor. She rubbed your arm. “(y/n), it’s perfectly fine with me.” Your eyes brightened, “But he’s my stepbrother.” “Well, that’s what i’ve been meaning to tell you. Me and Bobby, have decided to take it back a few steps. No, we’re not splitting up, we’re just taking it slow. We realized that we took things too fast. So for right now, enjoy the love you share with Niall.” She said and simply walked out of the room. You let out a shriek and called Niall. You told him everything. He came over, and ran up to your room. Picking you up and spinning you around, kissing you passionately. Before your mom walked in “Hey you two calm down!” Niall dropped you and his cheeks bright red.

Louis: Your dad was marrying some lady tonight. You haven’t been in touch with him that well lately. Then just as you two started gaining your relationship back, he sprung the news on you. You were angry, upset. You really had mixed feelings about this. You had only met her once. You, your dad, the lady, and her son, all went out for lunch one day. It was awkward. Though the only reason you stayed was because of her amazingly handsome son, Louis. You were now at a bar. The night of the wedding. You weren’t wasted yet. But you were about there. When a familiar voice rung in your ear. “what’re you doing here love?” Your new stepbrother asked. “Louis?” You slurred out. He asked for a drink. “Did you go to the wedding?” you asked. “No. I assume you didn’t either.” you nodded and a smile made it’s way to your face. After a few drinks, and useless conversation. You and Louis, headed back to his flat. You don’t know what happened. But when you entered the door, Louis had you against the wall. Kissing you deeply. He carried you bridal style up to the bedroom. Never breaking the kiss. You had sex. It was full of passion. Louis seemed to feel the way you feel for him. You woke up the next morning to breakfast. “Goodmorning beautiful.” Louis said. “Goodmorning” You said pulling on his shirt and walking to give him a hug. He kissed you faintly on the lips. “Lou..” you said losing the excitement in your voice. “Yes love?” He asked concerned. “You’re my stepbrother. This can’t go on.” You gave him a sly smile. Kissed him on the cheek then, walked downstairs to get your purse and leave. You and Louis have been in a state of awkwardness the last seven months. The thing, that happened the night of the marriage was a mistake. He was your stepbrother. You two were drunk, one thing led to another but you’ve tried to forget about it. But even thought you’ve moved out, and away from Lou. You still have feelings towards him. But you can’t. Lately, while your alone at your flat, you think of him. For hours at a time. You texted him earlier and asked him to come over. Your parents ended the marriage awhile back, but you’ve always thought that it would be weird. A few minutes later, Louis walked in your flat. You stood up too give him a hug. He hugged you a little tighter and longer than you expected. But you didn’t mind. “Lou..” you started. “(Y/n). Listen. our parents aren’t together anymore. So we’re not brother and sister. I’ve done nothing but think about you, since that night.” You stopped him, by smashing your lips onto his. You pulled away and simply replied “Me too Lou” and with that, he pulled you back for another passionate kiss.  

 Zayn: Your dad and Zayn Malik’s mom recently got married. You two got close. You were always together. You instantly developed strong feelings for Zayn. One day, you twos parent’s went to the beach for the weekend. So you and Zayn decided to hangout all weekend. You put on some skimpy shorts, and a tight tank top that did your curves well. All day you teased him, the best you could. You could tell he liked it, when he watched as you swayed your hips as you made lunch. You brought Zayn his lunch and sat down and ate with him. He suggested to go take a swim in the backyard. You ran up stairs and got on the brand new bathing suit, you’ve been dying to wear. You walked outside to find Zayn in the pool. “Hey Zayn.” He turned around, and his jaw dropped. “h-hehey (y/n).” He stuttered. “Like what you see?” You didn’t give him a chance to anwser when you jumped in. You swam up to him, wrapping your arms around him. You made the first move. By kissing him. After about two seconds, you realized what you just did and pulled away. You swam back. “I-i’m sorry Zayn, i just couldn’t help myself.” You started to get out of the pool when Zayn grabbed you. “Wh-what-” he cut you off with his lips. “Don’t be sorry babe, i’ve been waiting for that kiss a long time now.” “Zayn..” “Yes babe?” “Would it be weird if i told you i loved you?” He smiled, and wrapped his arms around you. “No, because i love you too (y/n). From the moment i layed my eyes on you. I wanted you, just the fact that we’re step-siblings makes it awkward,” He laughed and so did you. Pulling you in for another kiss. You two spent the rest of the weekend in eachothers arms. You’re parents came home today. It was completely awkward. For both you and Zayn. All weekend, you were so used to being all over eachothers arms, and now.. you can’t. You’d always loved him, from the beginning. Now, that you finally expressed your feelings, you found out he had them in return. But you being step-siblings, messed the whole thing up. After a few days of them being back, you got tired of all this. You snuck into Zayn’s room one night, and woke him up. “Zayn, wake up babe. I need to talk to you” Zayn heard how serious you were and jumped up. “What is it boo?” zayn asked. You explained that you couldn’t live without him, and he told you he felt the same way. “Zayn, we should tell them.” You said lowering you head. He pulled you closer to him. “I guess you’re right (y/n). We should. If they can’t accept it, than we can go elsewhere.” Zayn’s words comforted you. You snuggled up close to him, and eventually fell asleep in his arms. Only to wakeup early, with your parents yelling at you two to wake up. You both jumped up. “What the hell are you two doing?” Your dad asked. His mom, behind him, glaring at the both of you. “Uh, we, we were just..” Zayn stuttered out. Your dad yanked your arm, and pulled you out of the bed. Zayn jumped up to defend you. “Look, Mr. (Y/L/N), she might be your daughter, and my step-sister. But we love eachother. Accept it or don’t.” Zayn said, pulling you into his arms. He grabbed you a bag, and told you to go pack a bag. You did as he told you. That night, you were in a hotel with him, laying there crying into the crook of his neck. “I’m so sorry love, this is all my fault.” Zayn said as he stroked your hair. “No, it’s not. I love you and if they can’t accept it, than i don’t care, As long as i’m with you.” You smiled a little. Zayn took his thumb and wiped away a few tears. “I love you too babe.”

Liam: You and this boy Liam have been talking for about two months now. You had strong feelings towards him, maybe even loved him. You didn’t tell your mom much about him. But you were going to her house right now, to tell her about him. He was in a band, and a world-wide superstar. So, you didn’t wanna tell your mom, if this wasn’t going to last. But, you felt right. You and Liam genuinly liked eachother. Your mom, was also going to tell you about the guys she’s engaged too. You were supposed to meet his son. You stopped to get some coffee. “Be there in about 10 minutes mom” you texted your mother. You got a text from Liam. “Sorry i cant make it 2 see ur mom 2day, i hve to go sumwhere wit my dad. Xx” Liam texted you about a minutes later. “Okay Li. Maybe another day. :) x” you texted back. You pulled into your mom’s driveway seeing another car there. “I bet that’s the new guy” you thought to yourself. You walked in and headed straight towards the kitchen. Your mom was in there with her fiance’. (Y/n) honey, this is my fiance’. You exchanged a few words, before you heard someone walk behind you. Thinking to yourself, must be my new brother. You turned around and your eyes widened. SO did his. “Li-Liam?” you stuttered out. “(y/n)?” You two stood there not moving. “Oh so you two already know eachother!” You’re mom said with excitement in her voice. You managed to create a small smile. “(y/n), can i talk to you privatly?” You nodded and follow Liam. You both started rambling at once. Then Liam stopped you. “(y/n) this can’t be happening.” You took him in your arms. “I know Li-. It’s going to be really hard for me because, i love you.” Your eyes started to fill with water when Liam caught your gaze. He rubbed your arm and wiped a tear that fell down your cheek. “I love you too (y/n). But i promise we’ll get through this.” You burried your head in Liam’s neck, when your mom called you two to the kitchen, ruining the moment. In your head. None of this was fair. You and Liam had been talking for two months now. You had strong feelings for him, you loved him. Then your mom springs this big announcement on you after only a few months of her and your father divorcing, which devastated you. Someone should’ve warned you. there were no signs. You had fallen for him, he seemed to have fallen for you too. But you were soon to be brother and sister. You constantly talked about this. There was no hiding you had feelings for eachother. You were at a local Starbucks when your mom called. “Mom?” “Hi. I need to tell you something.” You sighed, another big  announcement. “Go on mother.” you said with a bit of attitude behind it. “Me and Liam’s father, are no longer engaged. I was talking to your dad the other day, and i  miss him. We never really stopped loving each other. Plus, me and Liam’s dad really just met about a month and a half ago. It’s not right.” you grinned big. You were sad that they broke it off, for Liam and his dads sake. but happy your parents were getting back together. “Wow, really mom?” you asked. maybe a little to excited. “Yeah, really. Well listen (y/n) i have to get back to work i’ll call you later. Bye love you.” “Love you too Mom.” You grabbed your drink and ran to your car. About 5 minutes later, you pulled up to Liam’s flat. You knocked on the door. “Hey (Y/n) i was just about-” you jumped into his arms. He kissed you passionately. You hopped off of him. “So, i guess we can be together now?” Liam looked you in the eyes. He replied, “Of course. I’m so glad, that everything changed. I don’t think i could live without you love.” “Same here Liam.” He hugged you tightly. You two walked to the couch and sat down. Entangling your fingers with his. “So, hows your dad?” you asked. “I think he’s good.” “That’s good. I’m just glad, i can have you now.” Liam kissed you lightly on the lips. “Me too.”

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