Chapter 1 First Day Of Summer

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Dear diary,

Well it's the first day of summer and I'm already missing school. Summer isn't really exciting for me because I don't ever do anything. The only thing I do is write in this stupid diary. Seems like the diary is the only thing that can except my feelings. As I lay here bored out of my mind, my little brother and sister are out in the front yard playing tag. I mean why would a 15 year old girl play with a 5 and 7 year old? Not me. "Amy time for dinner! It's your favorite" well that's my roll to get out of here and start the journey of my boring life.


I head down stairs and go get my little sister and brother from outside. I open the door. As I got ready to yell at them to tell them to come in, I just stood there admiring how lucky I am to have them. My sister Nicole loved to do flips. One day she's gonna be a cheerleader. She has long brown wavy hair and blue eyes and she's 5 years old. My brother Nick loves to run. He's gonna be a track star just like me. He has brown shaggy hair and brown eyes and tiny freckles on his nose,he's 7 years old. I sit on the stairs watching them play. "Amy, wanna play tag with us?" My sister said. I sat there and thought about it but thought it was best if I went back inside. "No thanks, mom said to come in for dinner." We all ran in to eat. This is gonna be a long summer.

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