chapter 26.

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a/n; as i started writing this (at half two in the morning #nocturnal i was listening to chiddy bang and i fell asleep, like how do you fall asleep listening to chiddy? anyway, i woke up and id pressed loads of random keys and ive spent an hour and a half sorting it out, and as i write this ive not completly finishing the chapter and tbh im not that happy with the way its turned out, anywho i am going to try and update everyday until i go back to school(which is like the third or something) then ill try and update once a week, but im starting 4 gcse course and an extra btec course, then next year i have another btec or gcse to start and another one a year after and im planning on picking sociolagy so i already have to study for it. so yeah, i have art gsce  and that means shit loads of homework and portfolio work so yanoo issues *granted i cant draw a stick man but i picked computer science and got art instead *  anyway on with the chapter

Brads POV;

as that sentance left Zoes mouth my worst fears came true.This baby might not be mine..and if its not i highly doubt Zoe will ever get back with me. 

"Who..who did you sleep with" I choke out, internally begging it was someone i didnt know

"'s it's not important" she stutters out, not loking me in the eye

"Zoe. who was it?" I ask my voice rasing slightly 

"i..look..i..It was Adam" She mumbled out, looking down at the floor. 

I clenched my fists, trying to calm myself down, "Zoe, look at me" i say and her head lifts, her tear stained face looks me in the eye "Im not annoyed it might not be mine, or that you slept with someone else, i guess were even now, im just pissed it was him! anyone else id manage, but him!" i spat out, getting more and more angry by the minute.

"He was there and you wern' just happened, i was still upset youd just left and he just made it go away" she whispers her voice cracking.

"he used you?..." I ask, all i could think of was him taking advantage of her emotions.

" i dont know brad!" she cried out, falling to the floor and curling up into a ball. Seeing her like this hurt me, knowing i could have said no to managment.  i shuffle over to sit next to her, wrapping my arm around her and pulling her onto my lap. i nestle my head into her hair, smelling the cocunut shampoo she always rambled about. "zo, i love you ok? and i dont care if this baby is mine or not, because as long as im alive i'll look after you and ellie, and hey this is Ell's baby brother or sister and as far as im concerned this child IS mine, i promise you ill treat it just the same as Ellie, this isnt your fault zoe, if its anyones its mine, i shouldnt have left, and if you want when the baby is born we can do a DNA test? but thats pointless, because i will make sure this baby has a mummy and a daddy ok? As long as theres air in my lungs I'll call this child mine, ill buy it things and take it places. but zoe, i want us to be a family, i want me and you and ellie and little peanut. Zoe i love you so so so so so much, more than i love anything in the world, and zoe i so badly want us to work it out, to be the bradley and zoe we use to be. I know its alot to take on but zoe, will you please be my girlfriend again?" i say, taking a deep breath and pulling away from Zoe slightly to look at her flawless face. she looks up at me, her eyes twinkling. 

"Do you mean all that?" she whispers. i nod, stroking her back.

"Is that a yes?"

"on one condition" she says, a cheeky grin illuminating her face " You have to be big spoon all the time" a soft giggle escaping her lips.

"of course m' lady" i say, holding her hand and pulling her up.

"oh, and You let me eat ice cream for tea? pleaseeeee" she whines out, batting her eye lashes and giving me the puppy eyes,

"hmm, so long as i get the strawberry, yes" i reply, sticking my hand out, she grabs it and shakes.


A/N i acc hate how this turned out like idk its just not how i saw it being :/

I dont even remember their ship name oops and i ended up ft'ing owen while writing this so sorry for any mistakes blame owen ok

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