Chapter 6: Letting Go of Discomforts

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Letting Go of Discomforts

I've been memorizing lines and lines for the past few days, but it still wouldn't sink in. Every night I stared at the booklet and acted out some scenes. At first, I thought acting was no biggie, but now I understand an actor's job. You need a good memorization of every single line.

"Ugh," I sighed frustratingly.

Considering the fact that my face was going on screen for the whole world to see, frighten me the most. I couldn't even memorize half of my lines. Imagine if I needed to cry and not even a single tear roll down my cheek. I'll be exposed and it gave the world an opportunity to laugh at my face.

I tried to stay positive about this whole gimmick. I thought about the pros and cons of fame. I'll be rich, famous, no need to wait in lines, and girls will love me, but the only girl I'm looking to impress was Andrea. I just hope I won't turn into a cocky, arrogant and ignorant bighead like most celebrities do, but I'm pretty sure, Jace would probably keep me grounded, confuse the media which is who. Tell them that Jace has been secretly trying to impersonate me. Awe, the perks of having a twin brother.

The great advantages of having a twin!

Let's not talk about screen names, but I'm for sure, shall and always keep my name, Flynn Harrington. Wait, maybe not Harrington. It's just too long for Ellen DeGeneres to say when I'm a guest for her show. Maybe, one of my favorite action star's name, Flynn Chan. Let's just say I'm related to Kung Fu master, Jackie Chan.

Yes, sounds Chinese, Flynn. Good luck trying to fool Ellen DeGeneres that you're related to Jackie Chan.

I was sitting outside the local cafe where we usually held any necessary meetings or any surprises at all. There was always that sort of comfort in this cafe. I guess, it was the coffee talking considering the fact that I had three cups of caffeine, this morning. I've been waiting hopelessly, trying to get these sentences or even paragraphs to enter into my ear and never leave the other, but that wasn't happening with my progression. A miracle will be needed most, right now.

I frustratingly gathered the scipts together and shoved it into a folder. I didn't care if it was messy or not. I motioned for my backpack that sat on the side of my feet. I unzipped the biggest compartment and grabbed my laptop. Since the cafe provided wifi, that brought more happy customers in to enjoy the cool air condition and free internet.

I clicked on Google and typed in how to memorize quick. Various websites had offer methods and tricks to help me memorize fast. I skimmed and scanned through the sites and read that the problem is that most people only know how to memorize by reading the same thing over and over again. You have to learn to memorize.

How am I going to learn? Have a tutor teach me memorialization tricks? That will sound so stupid of me. I guess, there wasn't much. All you had to do was come up with fun, great ideas to learn quickly.

To motivate me more, I should have a cutout cardboard of Andrea. I'll wear one of those doggy collars and every time I got an answer wrong, it'll send electric shocks to notify me.

What smooth moves I had. Actually, a stalker's move. Make sure, she doesn't see that.

I shifted my thoughts into a recycling bin inside my head and went back to reality. Face the cruelty of the world. I closed my laptop and rested my eyes for a bit. I stared down on the empty foam cups that were once filled with coffee and thought of getting another one for to-go before heading down the showbiz lane.

With a cup of hot coffee in my hand, I began walking down the scourging pavements, passing by several stores and buildings. Considering that it was a hot day, why did I decide to walk and not take my vehicle? Now I remember, because I wanted to save on gasoline.

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