Class and the Thug

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*Sarah's POV*

I get up at 7:00 am, just like every other school morning. I knew Kai had to be woken up soon. I had my shower, brushed my teeth, put on my uniform, dried my dark blue hair and put it into pigtails. I then went to make some breakfast. When I finished making breakfast, which was waffles, Rhianna was coming out of the bathroom in her uniform. It was 7:45 am, time to wake the boys.

"Waffles?" I asked her.

"Why not." She replied and walked over to me. We talked until 7:55 am and planned to prank the boys. We were going to hide their waffles and wait until they were upset. This is gonna be fun. Me and Rhianna walked up to the boys door and opened it quietly. We entered and walked up to our partners.

"KAI GET UP!!!" I shout.

"NOAH GET UP!!!" Rhianna shouts.

"Whaaaaaaa!!!" Kai screams and falls out of bed.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Noah screams and fall of his bed. Me and Rhianna laugh at them for a little then stop and look down at them.

"Guys get ready, it's already 8:10 am." I say. The boys start to get up, me and Rhianna run out of the room and close the door behind us. We grab their waffles and put them under the coffee table in the living room. We sit on the couch eating our waffles and then Kai comes out of his room. He walks into the bathroom. 10 minutes later Noah walks out of his room and walks to the bathroom just as Kai walks out. Kai had his crimson red hair straight down covering his eyes. Noah walked into the bathroom. Kai walks into the kitchen and gasps.

"Sarah, where is my breakfast?" He asks.

"I didn't make you any." I say looking at Rhianna giggling silently.

"What!?" He exclaims.

"I said I didn't make you any! Don't ask again!" I say, this is priceless. If only Shannon could see his expression. Then Noah walks out and to the kitchen, one gasp later.

"Where is the food?" Noah asks.

"You two don't have any." Rhianna says.

"What!? Why!?" Noah shouts.

"Cause we are tired of cooking for you both!" We say together. They both gasp. Oh my god. How far can we get this to go?

"Really Sarah? Is that what you think?" Kai says now beside me giving me a sad look, I have to keep it together!

"Yeah." I say. He gasps at my answer.

"How about you Rhianna? Is it true?" Noah asks her.

"Yep." Rhianna says. Another gasp is heard. The two boys go and sit in the chairs. We pull out the waffles.

"You guys have more waffles?" Noah asks.

"No." Rhianna says.

"Then what are those?" Kai asks.

"These are yours of course. Did you really believe we didn't care enough to make you two food?" I say to them while laughing with Rhianna.

"Yo-you pranked us!?" Noah asks.

"Yep!" Rhianna answers.

"You got us guys. Congrats." Kai says.

"Thanks!" I say. Aww. Cute.

"As a reward I taking you out on a date Sarah." Kai says. Wait, what!?

"Wait, what!?" I say quickly. What's going on now?

"I'm going on a date with my girlfriend, don't you want to go on a date Sarah?" Kai asks.

"Yeah, but what is Noah giving Rhianna?" I ask, where is this going?

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