Mayes ~ Notes

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Dedicated to @shameronmallas

It is currently Tuesday, the second day of the week everyone hated.

Hayes lazily walked over to his locker, he was alone because his brother was too busy making out with his boyfriend.

He opened his locker and get his books out, a note flew from Hayes' locker to the ground, he picked it up

I love your eyes, they're bluer than the sky. ♥.

Hayes read it in his mind.  The handwriting was familiar but he wondered why the person didn't write their name. He looked behind him to see if there was a person there but no one, they're either busying talking with their friends, on their phone or making out. Suddenly he felt warm lips on his cheek, he turned to his side to see who it was

"Hi babe" Carter greeted with a smile

which Hayes returned. Then he heard the sound of the angel laughing but to others: Matt laughing. The boy Hayes fell in love with. You got it wrong, he's not dating Carter.

"Carter are in that cuddle mood again?" Hayes asked and carter nodded and hugged him. "Thought so".

Matt on the other hand was burning with jealousy but did his best to hide it with a smile. He was joking around with the others while Hayes was being crushed by Carter.

"Oi Reynalds, stop using my brother as a Teddy bear" Nash semi-yelled playfully.

"No" Carter responded in a childish tone, hugging Hayes tighter

"OK Carter as much as I love being your personal Teddy bear. I also need to breath" Hayes said and carter reluctantly let go

"Fine" Carter huffed and crossed his arms like a child. The others chuckled and Shawn hugged him.

All the boys went to class, which they shared because they were mixed.

Hayes opened his math text book and found another note

This subject is hard and I hate it and I know you do too but remain joyful beautiful ♥. That note definitely kept him in high spirits during the class not matter how horrible it was.

The horrible class was over and they met at his locker. As he opened his locker, a note came fly out and drop onto the floor and Hayes picked it up.
Hey gorgeous, school is stressing, ain't it? the only thing keeping me happy is you beautiful ♥.

Smile a found its way on Hayes' lips

"What are you smiling about?" Cam asked in a sing-song voice. He took the paper from Hayes' hand and showed it to Nash, Carter, Shawn, Taylor, JJ, JG, Jacob, Sam, Aaron and Matt we chorused in 'ooohhhh's

"Hayesyboo has a secret admirer" Aaron teased.

"Shut up you potatoes" Hayes mumbled, blushing furiously as he snatched the paper from Cameron and shoved in his pocket.

Lunch came round, Hayes found another note on their table
Hi babe! You're so cute when you blush. 'Nyway  I love your smile. ♥

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