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Chapter 75_

As I reached the 20th floor and the elevator doors opened, Camille was the first person I saw. She was currently speaking to the person at the front desk and as soon as she saw me she pointed down the hall… Most likely to where Zayn was. 

“Get our bank on the phone,” I instructed and she nodded quickly before turning and hurrying towards her desk.

I jogged down the hall until I found my desired room.

I could hear his voice from inside and as much as I hated interrupting him, this was more than important. 

“Excuse me,” I said, stepping inside before grabbing his forearm lightly and bringing my lips to his ears. I talked in a hushed tone, only giving him the details of the current red alert situation.

“Did you alert everyone?” he asked me. 

“I told Camille to make sure she gets the message out without bothering the media. Something like this could cause the stocks to crash, damaging us even more. I have her calling our bank right now to see if they can give us any  information that might be useful.”

“And what about Louis?”

“Already called him, he’s on his way,” I replied promptly. 


He turned towards the small audience and gave a short apology. “Ladies.. Gentleman… I’m sorry but we’re going to have to cut this meeting short. Something urgent has come up. I’ll have Mia call to reschedule with all of you. Again, my apologies,” he said formally before meeting me by the door.

We both headed straight for Camille’s headquarters. 

“Miss Soderstrom I have Mrs. Hardings on the phone,” Camille said, covering the mouthpiece of the landline. 

I grabbed it from her and held the device to my ear. 

“Hello Mrs. Harding, this is Mia Soderstrom calling from Malik Enterprises. I understand you are the bank that holds most of our main fundings, correct?” I spoke. 

“Yes, Miss Soderstrom. What can I do for you?”

“I’m lead to believe that our funds have been transferred to another account.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “You must be mistaken….” she trailed off her sentence and I could hear the sound of typing in the background. She was checking.

After hearing an uncomfortable gasp I knew that I was right. 

“Miss Soderstrom… It says that your account has been temporarily shut down.”

“Temporarily… What does that mean?”

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