Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"Don't judge too quickly."


Miles' POV

I looked at her for a second and I continued. "The truth is I don't know who I was before..." I trailed off waiting for her reaction, but she had a blank expression. I sighed, "I don't know who my parents are, where I live, who are my-" I continued but she interjected.

"Why?" she interjected, and I was glad she had catched up. "I had amnesia." I answered and she covered her mouth.

Well, would you look at that, the goody-two-shoes just lied.

Good side to bad side..tsk..tsk..Never knew that can happen, but I have doubts about him since the start.

The voices said in my mind but I ignored them.

"I just woke up one day in the hospital with an empty memory. I didn't knew why I was there or what country I was. But what I was too worried about was I didn't even knew my name.

When someone came in the room, I was hoping it was my parents so they could tell me I was okay and everything will be alright, eventhough I don't remember them. But it was a doctor and two nurse. They told me I have amnesia and my name is Miles. They told me they knew that because I told them before I passed out. I asked them if I had someone with me, but they said no.

A few days later, they told me I needed to go away from the hospital since I don't have any money to pay them. Since then, I wondered off the streets and do everything I can to live."

Wow, that's a big lie.

We were silent after that. Julie's book was already laying at her side, and she was leaning forward at the coffee table. I couldn't understand what her expression was.

"Sam doesn't know about this?" she asked silently and I shook my head. "Well that explains everything." she barely whispered but I heard it. She looked at me sadly, "I-I don't know what to say." she said. "There's really nothing you could say." I answered.

I continued watching while she stared at nothing, and the silence continued. I tried to read her mind but all I got was the word 'Sam' and 'misunderstood'. What does that mean? I wanted to read her further but the headache was awful. I pressed my temples while looking down at the floor.

Look dude, he can't even control his powers.

You're a big idiot, aren't you?

Don't judge him, he just got here. He doesn't know anything.

Were they talking about me or the other voice? Or both?

"Julie." I called. "Yeah?" she questioned. "What's going on with you and Sam?" I asked "You told me once that you two are best friends, but I don't feel that you two are."

She sighed and said "The two of us were in a fight, and it never settled down even now." I looked at her but she avoided my gaze. She closed her eyes and she sniffed. "Its normal for friends to fight." I said "But if no one accepted it was their fault and apologize, it will get worse."

She eventually looked at me "One of you must apologize." I finished. Her phone then rang and she answered "Hello?". She widened her eyes when the caller said something, "Hi Marcus." she said sorrowfully. She paused and she pursed her lips, her lips were quivering.

"We're really sorry Marcus, but we can't get too far from the city without a car." she said softly and with a serious tone. I never thought I could hear that tone from Julie, she's always joyful and ecstatic. "We're really sorry........Yeah...Condolence.....Bye." she closed her eyes again, and ended the call.

"Its my fault, Miles. I should apologize." Jules said.



And I made another confusing chapter....

To make it more understandable, the italics are the voices that causes Miles' headache and his annoyed about it.

The italics and bold ones are stating as Miles, while the ones that aren't are stating from one of the voices.

And the story that Miles told Julie (you know, about his life), I'll leave it to that. The voices believed that he was lying, but what do you think?

Was he lying or telling the truth?

I leave you angels to that question.

P.S. If you notice that my present tense changed into past tense, just don't mind it. But my official writing is in past tense. And I'll be using that the whole time in this story.


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