They have been in Florida for about a month now and i miss connor alot.

I really wanted to see him because everytime he comes back we go on a walk and just talk or we just hang out at the park. We always just go and do something together so i was hoping that these next couple of days will go by fast.

I havent met any of his friends yet like any of the boys from o2l. I mean i watch their videos and stuff but I've never met them in person.

I know, weird right, I have lived with Connor my whole life and he has known them for,like, ever and I've never met them.

So i really looking forward to meeting them too.

I have to admit, i am really looking forward to meeting Kian, because he is super freaking cute. But he has a girlfriend which fucking sucks. Her name is Andrea.

(i know they broke up but pretend they didnt)

She is so freaking gorgeous so i totally understand why he is with her and visversa.

***3 DAYS LATER***

I yawned and stretched my arms as i woke up. I grabbed my phone to check twitter and see Connor tweeted saying he is on his way home. I got way too excited, lets just leave it at that.

**Connor's POV**

So the boys and I just got off the plane and I couldnt wait to get home and see Alyssa. I wanted to go somewhere special today instead of just the park or on a walk, but im just not sure where yet.


**still connors pov**

I just needed to text her i dont know why but i had to.

"Hey Alyssa"

She replied moments later.

"Hi Connor! :)"

"Hows it going?"

"Ugh. terrible. I miss you. when are you getting here?"

"Idk. I should be there in one or two days if not less. I miss you too :("

"It sucks without you here. Its so boring"

":( Ik everything is boring without me. Hehehe"

"really? :p"

"Hahaha. Yeah so ill be there soon i promise. ok?"

"ok. bye"


***Alyssa's POV***

"Maybe I should just do a following spree?" Yeah. Yeah i talk to myself alot when im bored.

"Im bored. Should i do a following/DM spree?" I tweeted

My notifications blew up with 'Yes' and 'Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz' and alot of 'PICK ME' and 'FOLLOW ME PLEEEASE".

I tweeted and followed and DMed and couple people for like an hour or two then stopped and just stared and my ceiling thinking of nothing.

I do that sometimes i dont know why.

I decided to go downstairs since i havent been in two days and cause i was hungry.

Nobody was downstairs so i was assuming they left or are in their rooms.

I got some cereal and chocolate milk, sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

I was hoping to see F.R.I.E.N.D.S on but it wasnt so i just watched RIDICULOUSSNESS instead, which i didnt mind at all.

I watched TV for the rest of the day and was just being a Lazy Ass.

**Two Days Later**

**Alyssa's POV**

I was making some snapchat when i heard the door swing open and a voice say,

"IM HOME!!!!"

Connor? i thought to myself.

CONNOR!! i yelled in my head.

I ran downstairs.



I ran into his arms into a hug.

"Its about time you got here!" I said.

He chuckled.

"Hi" A voice said but i couldnt reconigze who it belonged too.

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