Great, trapped again.

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Jack and I put our plan into action. When my food comes in I say

"My water isn't working! I think the taps are blocked! Can you please fix them? I'm dying of dehydration! Please!"

I fall to the ground with a thump. I hear then talking in panicked, hushed tones. Then I hear a click. The door is open. They are just about to close it when a voice says

"Nah, she's out cold, it's all good leave it open just in case we get locked in."

I smirk. They are falling for my plan like the stupid idiots they are. I hear them exclaiming over how it is mysteriously blocked. One of them mentions something about ice, and getting the heaters to unfreeze then. I stop, hardly daring to breathe. They yell at him for being an idiot, it's summer so why would the taps and pipes be frozen? I laugh silently. I crack open an eye. They are all busy arguing or working. I quietly shimmy across the ground towards the door. I hop out quickly and quietly, shutting the door behind me. They're locked in. No one will hear them before it's too late. Never thought I would love those padded walls! I sprint done the hallway and bang smack into Jack. We smirk at each other. Our plan worked! We run outside and Jack flies off, me in his arms...

We stop by a lake. It is surrounded by trees. There are fruit trees all around! And berry bushes! We eat and eat to our hearts delight. I then tell Jack not to peek, as I want to have a wash. I haven't had one in ages, since we were locked up. I grin. Making sure Jack is turned around, I strip quickly.


I yell, cannon balling into the water. I hear Jack chuckle at my childishness. I freeze. Oh, how embarrassing. I forgot about my ice powers... I'm curled up in a cannonball, naked, trapped in a frozen lake. Great. Just great. My day keeps getting better and better.

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