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Can you hear the screaming?

Is it only me?

scratching and bleeding

Is this where I'm meant to be?

the voices in my head have only gotten louder

paranoid faces 

my mouth has gone sour

Am I crazy?

Am I home yet?

my visions gone hazy

a voice says 'don't fret'

Where am I now?

I can't see a thing

I wonder through blackness

I hear a dull ring

I  hear shadows lurking 

I know I'm being watched

crawling and searching

for a safe spot

I curl up in a corner 

waiting for vision to return

black and freezing torture 

So cold my skin will burn

the silence is to loud

I can't hear a thing

I'll just sit here and wait

for what the rest of the night will bring.

        Well this is just the paranoid thoughts of me at 3 am I hope you enjoyed it because I'm sure as hell not.

~Nikki is All_I_Am

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