(10) STOP IT!

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Cry's POV

I closed the door shut and put my coat on the couch.Man its raining heavily today. I went to the kitchen and put my groceries into its right places.

"fucking rains... why wont it show up when I decided to stay home?" I slammed the fridge door shut.

"MEOOOW!" A meow was heard.

I look back and saw AK, my cat

"ya starving, little guy?" I petted his head and went to the cabinet to grab cat food.

"here ya go, so shut up" I poured the cat food into his bowl.

I went upstairs into my bedroom.

I walked past the mirror,

"Man I look like a mess..." I pulled out a deep blue short that stops below my knees and a plain white shirt and wore it then fixed my hair.

"Better!" I looked at my masked face then I noticed something off...

"MAD!?" i jumped off my feet.

"why hello there cry..." Mad said with a voice like mine but with a little demonic hint. It disgusts me!

"WTF" I returned to my same position. I stood up steadily and looked at the demon inside the mirror, literally.

"Long time no see ey, Cry?" he stared at me.

"fuck you!" I hissed and threw a shoe in the mirror.

There he was , Mad. He was like me and even looks like me. But he has a different kind of mask. He has blood stains in some parts of his body. Why must he exist!? And why me? Why among all of the people on earth, he chose to be my demon self!?

"Well that is a new type to say hello..." He chuckled darkly and crossed his arms

I scoffed then turned around.

"Cry, why do you always wear that mask?" He tapped on the otherside of the mirror.

"Shut up" I turned back around only to see him putting his hands on the other side of the mirror. I know he knows the reason. That stupid shit.

"Take it off" he said.

"No" I replied so simply.

"Take it of!" He said a little bit louder. He's getting on my nerves.

"No!" I slightly shouted.

"Why are you afraid of showing your face to the world, Cry!? WHY!? " he slammed his hands on the mirror. I don't wanna go off at Mad today.

"I'm only doing this to shut you up..." I pulled a string of my mask and it slowly slid off my head. I looked down and the mask fell.

I glanced up to see Mad without his mask. We looked the same, the only difference was his blood red eyes. I hate it.

"I thought you were a pussy" he said.

"You dont know how special this mask is, mad!" I hissed at him " You-- you just stop it! why did you came back anyway!"

"You'll figure it out later then" he laughed insanely and I watched my reflection go back to normal.

Mad was a demon who messes up my fucking life! I had multiple personalities. But, everything stopped and there came the demon out of my body. That's how Mad existed in this cruel world.

"Cry! I heard you slamming things! are you alright?" A familiar voice knocked on my apartment door.

It was Sam. shit.

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