46 | The Final Admittance

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I ate dinner sitting beside Zayn in silence... There was such a fucking awkward tension.

Zayn ate in silence too, eating small forkfuls of mashed potatoes.

My mum ate without a word, her eyes repeatedly moving between Zayn and I.

Since she'd walked in on me shirtless and kissing Zayn... She hadn't said a word.

I felt so horrible. I hadn't even wanted to tell her. I had wanted to tell her further on in Zayn's and I's relationship.

But she caught us only moments after Zayn and I had intoxicated eachother with our affectionate touches.

How had I missed the sound of her car? Oh right... She didn't take her car.

But that still didn't explain how I hadn't heard her open the door.

I finished up and gestured Zayn towards me.

He shook his head, his eyes flicking to my mum who was still watching us intensely.

He was worried. Really, really worried.

I gestured him to lean towards me so I could whisper that if he ate quick, we could escape an uncomfortable lecture.

He put his head down to continue taking his time with dinner and I wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball and be swallowed by my surroundings.

"So... You and Zayn?" The silence was broken

Zayn and I looked at each other for a moment, then at her

"No, ma'am" Zayn whispered

Why was he denying it? He was the one who'd made such a huge deal about being with me.

"So you were just... Kissing?" Mum asked Zayn

"Yes, ma'am" Zayn whispered again

What was up with "ma'am"? Why wasn't he calling her Maura?

Mum frowned "Niall?"

"We were just kissing"

"Because that's all you managed to do before I got home or did you plan to do more?"

"Just kiss" I now felt really intimidated

"Speak in context"

"We only planned to kiss"

"So if you're not together... Why were you kissing?"

I shrugged and looked to Zayn who shrunk in his seat

"Excuse me"

He stood up with his plate and put it away, leaving the house altogether

"Well Niall, I expect an explanation from you"

"Zayn and I are... We're sort of a thing now..." I began to turn red

"And for how long have you 'sort of been a thing?' Because it seems like a while"

"Like... Four hours now" I only went redder "but we've been going on dates and stuff..."

"Hm, well, at least he had the decency to take you out"

"Please don't hate me"

She sighed "don't be ridiculous, Niall, you know I could never hate you"

"Not even for being with Zayn?"

"Sweetie... I just... I want you to be careful"

"I know, I will be"

"Zayn's... Different" she sighed "he's a great kid, he really is. But he's not boyfriend material and I'm sorry that I have to say this because I thing he really is a lovely boy"

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