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Alexis's POV

Michael and I finally got back to my place after what felt like hours of grocery shopping. We ended up buying fifty dollars worth of chocolates, lollies and popcorn for the movie marathon we were planning on having with the boys later on.

"Michael! You don't smash the egg into the counter!" I yelled as I ran over to where he was standing, attempting to make scrambled eggs.

I shown him how to correctly crack an egg into the saucepan without getting egg shells into the food and how to actually make scrambled eggs properly. Of course he didn't listen to me though.

"I'm a big boy, Lexis!" He practily yells. I was happy Niall and his girlfriend weren't here so they wouldn't witness Michael's tantrum. My thoughts were cut off when a handful of flour came flying from Michael's direction into my clean, black shirt I was currently wearing.

"You did not just do that." I said sternly giving him a glare.

"Whoops!" He says smiling innocently running with the bag of flour in his hand up the stairs.

"Michael, I swear if you drop that bag full of flour onto the carpet, I am going to puch you." I say trying to be serious.

As if on cue, he almost trips over and drops the flour.

He gets up laughing histerically, placing the unspilt flour onto the small table.

"Michael!" I say inbetween laughs, "That was so close!"

We both finish off our laughing fits and walk back to the kitchen, to be faced with burning eggs sitting in the pan.

"What now?" Michael says looking at me.

"We go to McDonalds!" I yell laughing while putting my fist into the air and running to the door.

Michael follows behind sadly, "I was excited for those eggs! I actually wanted to eat them!"

I shrug it off and walk to Mikey's car.


Once we got home from McDonalds and a bit of driving around town and buying ice cream, Michael suggested that we start the movie marathon earlier, since it was only 2:00pm and the boys wanted to come over at 6:00pm.

I pull out my phone and text the boys and Chloe, telling them that they can come over now if they want to.

Soon enough, Luke and Chloe are knocking on the door hand in hand.

Me and Michael say Oooh in sync.

Luke slapped Michael playfully on the shoulder, "You can't talk, I know who you like." he says gesturing to me.

Michael blushes and shakes his head. I decide to break the tension and say "I'll start getting the food ready."

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