A date for my princess

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Wow! I'm going out with a cutie! The only problem is her brother he doesn't know we are going to tell tonight and I'm going to ask her on a date! Oh here comes Charlie!

" umm Charlie can I talk to you?"

" yeah sure mate" mate? What?

" I thought I'd let you know that I'm dating you sister"

" that's cool I like you Leo I know you'll take care of her besides she already told me" oh she did the heavy lifting

" can you help me plan a date for her?"

" yeah sure what we're you thinking?"

" umm she's seeing the fault in our stars maybe I could take her for a picnic under the stars?"

" yeah she loves romantic dates!" Wow I now have a beautiful date planed for my princess! I can't wait! I texted her and said:

( convo )

L= Leo C= Chloe

L: hey princess x

C: Heyya! X

L: I need you to go shopping with Paige for our secret date x

C: well it's not much of a secret now! So what do I nee to wear? X

L: anything you want x

C: okay I'll tell Paige x byeeee x

L: bye princess x

( end of convo )

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