Talent Show

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Drake pov

nicki was crying because people saying she a whore cuz of her dress at the VMAs. and they saying she did it on purpose to draw attention from jessie and ariana cuz she will never be as good as them

me- bae dont cry

nicki- i cant help it. if everybody says it, i believe it

ari- ma ignore them. they're just trying to bring you down. some people say i cant sing and dance and alot says i can. dont listen to them haters

nicki- thank you baby

we watched the Lion King and after it was over, ari and nicki fell asleep and i took a pic

@Drake: my two lil babies ;-) @NICKIMINAJ @ArianaMaraj

Tyra pov

sitting in the hospital with jake. he hasn't been responding. i love him way too much to lose him. he gotta wake up. i tried everything! aysia took her first steps, jr drew a picture for him, kia misses you, i cry myself to sleep, everything! wait! of course! why didnt i think of this shit before?!

me- jacob guess what? me and jaden are back together. and we're getting married! kia and aysia will be the flower girls, jr will be the ring bearer-

jacob- what?!!!!!!!!!

me- you're awake!!

i gave him a hug and a kiss

me- i thought you wasn't gonna wake up

dr- ahh mr. latimore, you're awake. we got out the bullet out before it caused problems so you should be fine

i signed him out and walked him out to the parking lot which was filled with paparazzi. we walked past them with their million questions and blinding lights

me- you awaken just on time. ari has her talent show with the girls tonight and she really wants you to come

jacob- i'll be there. she's like a daughter to me

me- good

jacob- so your song you just recorded

me- yeah?

jacob- who was it about?

me- none of your business

jacob- tell me

me- no

jacob- please

me- no

jacob- it's about me aint it?

me- maybe

jacob- i knew it

me- whatever bae- i mean jake

jacob- i heard you

me- mhmm whatevs

jacob- i know you still got feelings for me

me- no i dont

jacob- you called me bae, you waited for me and you cried yourself to sleep and you kissed me

me- that doesnt mean nothin

we pulled up to the house and got out

jake- it does too

i walked into the kitchen for some gatorade

me- no it doesnt

i took a sip and he gotten closer to me

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