I didn’t say anything much after that night. She led me to a guest bedroom in the attic. It was quite nice and cozy despite the dust that covered up the room. I threw myself onto the bed while still having some thoughts about Violin. Sometimes I fantasized about them dating and holding hands like I used to do with him. She must be special to him. I tried to be happy for Violin, but it just made me more frustrated.

The next day, I woke up alarmed because of a bird that crashed to the window. I quickly took a shower and changed to my old orphanage dress. It still fits perfectly. I hoped Violin would recognize me this way.

“Oh honey why do you pick that dress? Do you want to borrow mine?” Edelweiss approached.


“No, it’s okay. I like this dress,” I stated. She nodded slowly with a crumply expression over her face. She shrugged and continued her daily activities.

Later that evening, Edelweiss decided to took me to the Holy Warrior’s building. I was quite insecure by the fact that there would be Violin there. But I just remembered what this dressing was up for. I went out the house and flew up with Edelweiss.


As we arrived, I was lead by Edelweiss to a room full of Warriors lining up. She smiled and mouthed me good luck. I was about to ask what was up but she went out the room before I had the chance.

“Ms. L’etoille, you’re late,” Violin called. Ms. L’etoille. We became strangers now. “Are you going to line up or what?”

I sighed and joined the line without complain. An Elf besides me eyed me as I glared back at him.

“So today, you are a trainee to be a special Warrior. Special Warriors are rare Witches, Wizards, Elf, or Fairies you name it. In here, you are all as honored as a Holy Warrior,” he continued. Everyone cheered and applauded. “But don’t forget, your job is also as hard as the Holy Warriors’. You will have your very first job today. Afraid not, you shan’t work alone, you will have a colleague. Your colleague will be the person on your right side. Now fly off!” he announced. I glanced to my right and found an Elf smiling at me.  He was the Elf who eyed me back then.

“Hello,” the Elf said. I groaned and tried to fly off of him. “Hey we’ll be colleague forever you know,” he flew towards me with his enormous Elf wings. Wings. I never seen an Elf with wings. I scanned through the room and found that every Special Warriors have wings. I guess it was one of the requirements to become a Special Warrior.

“Not if you’re dead,” I said coldly.

“What’s your power?” he chirped; ignoring what I just said earlier.

I lit a fire from my hands and burned a Black Warrior. “Fire.”

Black Warriors were traitors that had black magic. I flew further as he kept on catching up. I thought that I could be partners with Violin but instead, he made me stuck with this guy. I squinted to focus on spotting Black Warriors.

“I had a weird power too.”

“You disturbed-“ I haven’t finished my line until a Black Warrior attacked me with a bomb. I was pushed back and the bomb exploded. Some woman are lost in the fire, some woman are built from it they said. The guy panicked and flew down to checked on me. He sighed in relived; almost comically. I couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

“The name’s Indigo Wolfgang. Nice to meet you…?”

“Elle L’etoille. Well I had a blast meeting you, Wolfgang.”

We laughed. That was the first day I laughed since Violin got amnesia.


“So you found a new friend?” the journalist asks. I cup my cheeks and try to focus not to drown in my own past.

“Indeed,” I reply. She nods and take notes a bit. “Well but Violin called me after that. He said he wanted to talk to me.”

“And what was that?” Her hazel eyes beam; complimenting her black greasy hair. It’s sad that a journalist is the only one who listens to my whole story. Yes. She is the first person I completely honest to, somehow.

“Why don’t you go home? I need a rest,” I pout.

She stands up and clears her throat like she’s been longing for that phrase. “Very well then Ms. L’etoille. It is a pleasure to work with you,” she says formally without giving a single smile. I shrug and lay my head on the cold pillow. I am still not guilty on the murder I was accused of. 

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