Escape Detention || Craig Tucker

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Hola bitchola, I am back. This is my first 'comeback' story. Yes. I present to you--- Craig x Reader! It's really fun writing Craig x Reader stories because of his 'flipping-you-off' habit.

Excuse me for my slow writing skills :P Enjoy this story I have made for you all <3

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Escape Detention

Craig Tucker x Reader

(Y/n) was walking home from detention. She flipped off the school counselor. Again. She got the habit from Craig Tucker. Actually, ever since (y/n) stepped into South Park Elementary, she was interested in Craig. Plus, they were neighbors. Their parents are very good friends, too. Both of their moms were best friends, and both of their dads were classmates in the same High School.

(Y/n) decided to pass by Craig's house... And have a little conversation with him. It was the only thing that could cheer her up at the moment. The door to the Tucker's house was still open. (Y/n) knocked three times and slowly opened the door without waiting for anyone to open it. She saw Craig's parents and little sister on the sofa, watching a horror movie.

"Oh, hi (y/n)!" greeted Craig's mom. (Y/n) knew she was welcome in the Tucker's household at all times. They were very fond of her, especially Ruby.

"Hi there," (y/n) greeted back with a bit of enthusiasm. "Hope you don't mind me asking, but where's Craig?" she asked.

"He's upstairs," Ruby smiled at her. (Y/n) treated Ruby as a little sister, and Ruby treated her as an older sister.

"Thanks," (y/n) said, before flipping off the three of them. She got three smiles and three middle fingers in return. She walked up the stairs, and looked for Craig's door. When she found it, she slowly opened it. Although, she found no one in the room. So instead of standing around and waiting for him to return from who-knows-where, she plopped down on the bed. She slowly fell asleep in time.

- - -

"Hey, wake up," she heard a familiar voice say. She slightly opened her eyes, and saw the familiar black hair she had grown to love. She rubbed her eyes, which caused the blurry vision to disappear. She sat up on the bed and fixed her hair. It wasn't long until she noticed that Craig was only wearing a towel over his... I don't know. She blushed and covered her eyes.

"Oh my God! Put some freaking clothes on!" she yelled, which hopefully was not heard from downstairs. She covered her eyes with one hand and flipped him off with the other hand.

"Calm down. It's just me," Craig said, while he grabbed (y/n) hands and put them down. (Y/n) calmed down after a while, but wasn't able to stop blushing. She finally relaxed after 2 minutes or more. She didn't mind the sight anymore afterwards. She was here to talk to him, and that's all.

"Okay. I'm calm," she said.

"Why are you here, anyway?" Craig asked her. "You should be at home by now."

"Detention," she simply said. (Y/n) leaned on the wall next to his bed (She was still sitting on his bed). "Again." she continued, and sighed.

"You wanna talk about stuff again?" Craig asked, as he sat next to her. He was leaning on the wall next to his bed, too.

(Y/n) slowly nodded. "Reason why I came here." she grinned.

The two of them started talking about video games, books, Red Racer, TV shows, their friends, things in school, and all the paranormal shit going on in this messed up town. After the short conversation between the two (which managed to cheer (y/n) up), silence filled the room. They both stared at each other, without saying a single word, nor moving a single muscle. Blue eyes stared at the (e/c) eyes. It was weird and awkward, really.

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