Chapter 9 - Not Tonight

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A/N: A bit more of Paily smut!

I hope you all are liking it so far! I'm having a fun time writing it so far(:


Paige's POV

We walked inside holding hands and saw Ali.

"Emily!" She said running up to her and hugging her.

"Paige, its good to see you." She smiled at me. Alison had tried the whole 'I'm a new person, lets apologize to everyone' bit but had quickly been outed by Mona as a phony.

"You too!" I smiled back jokingly. I wrapped my arm around Emilys waist and started nibbling on her ear. Spencer chuckled and Aria blushed. The boys were playing Grant Theft Auto.

"Lets go talk out by the fire!" Spencer suggested. All the girls walked outside, most with cups of alcohol in their hands. We all sat in a circle on a huge blanket. It was Alison, Emily, me, Aria, Hanna then Spencer.

"So no spin the bottle huh?" Hanna laughed.

"Uh no thank you." Spencer replied.

"Lighten up Spence, it was a joke." Ali said. Spencers face twisted and she held her tounge.

"So Paige how long have you and Emily dated?" Alison asked me.

"It's been about a year and a half." I replied leaning into Emily. Emily smiled at me and kissed my cheek. Alisons face turned red.

"Oh. Thats cool. How'd you meet?" She kept going.

"Swim team."

"Ah, Emily always did like sports." She laughed.

"Yeah I think she just likes swim team to watch me in my suit though." Alisons face fell and I heard Spencer start to laugh.

"Well how'd you feel about her sleeping with me the other night?" She smiled taking a drink from her cup. Emily tensed up.

"We slept in the same bed Ali, its not like we fucked." Emily slurred.

"Okay! Who wants some coffee? Emily? Alison?" Aria asked jumping up. She ran inside.

"Oh come on Em, tell her. Stop lying to her." Allison continued.

"Paige," Emily said staring me in the eyes, "shes lying, shes a liar." Emily was obviously drunk.

"I know baby just be calm." I whispered in her ear.

"Yeah well, she never took a second glance at you when she came back to me." I retorted. Alison was getting pissed. She threw her cup into the flame and turned to look at me.

"Listen up pig skin." Ali said.

"Oh look, there she is. The bitch!" I laughed. Spencer and Hanna were leaning forward not missing a minuet of it.

"Emily's always loved me, and always ran after me. You're the second option. I'm always first. She dropped you in a hot minuet when I came around."

"Yeah because we had our own issues, not because of you specifically. Look at us now though. Paily in action!" I smirked.

"Ew. No one combines their names anymore."

"You dont because you dont have anyone."

"Ohhh burn!" A slightly drunken Spencer laughed. Ali got up.

"Thanks for inviting me Em. See you around." She said leaning down and kissing Emily on her lips.

"You little bi-" I leaped across Emily to grab at Alisons feet but Hanna had grabbed me by my waist.

"Not tonight Paige." She said being the reasonable one.

"I got her." Emily said helping me up and kissing my forhead.

"Well that happened quickly.... and backfired." Spencer said.

"Lets go watch The Notebook." Hanna suggested.


Toby and Caleb decided they werent really in the mood for a chick flick and left as soon as we came in the house. Aria and Hanna sat on an inflatable bed in front of the TV and Spencer was upstairs sleeping off the alcohol in the guest room. Emily and I were stretched out on the couch with Emilys comfortor over us.

"Hey." Emily whispered in my ear. I laid my head back and kissed her cheek.

"Raise up for a second." She whispered. I obeyed and felt her taking my hoodie off. I didnt want to complain because it would have caused Hanna and Aria to turn around. I laid back when it was off. I felt emilys hands ontop of my shirt and sighed silently. She finally cupped my breasts over my shirt and started massaging them. I laid my head back on her shoulder and started sucking on her neck. She went underneath my shirt and played with my nipples with her right hand. She reached down over my sweatpants and rubbed me.

"Emily stop." I growled in her ear so the others didnt hear. She rubbed me a bit harder and I pushed back into her biting my lip.

"Emily." I moaned quietly. Emily stopped rubbing my nipple and I was curious why. She pulled the cover up to my chin. What was she doing?

"This is so good." Emily said out loud still rubbing me over my sweatpants.

"Oh god I know!" Hanna said turning around and smiling.

"Is Aria asleep?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, shes such a lightweight. Why are you two getting tired?"

"Yeah I think Paige is beat."

"Go on to bed then!" Hanna said looking at me.

"I think I will." I responded.

"Night guys." She smiled looking back to the TV.

"Night" we both replied. I grabbed my hoodie and stood up. I was teasing Emily the way she did me. Her mouth opened a bit and I ran my finger from my lip down to my sweatpants being risky. I walked upstairs and heard her gathering her comforter and following.

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