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They say the first impression is the best impression. I guess I wasn't making the best of it for the first school day. My friend and I weren't even listening to the shy voice of our new teacher Mr.Mallow, who was reading us rules out of some school book. In my previous years I've always been one of the best students, allways listening and studying for an A. And I was still willing to be an A student this year..but Mr.Mallow is just to quiet and shy for anyone to listen to him. So instead Betty, Shania and I started to gossip again. "So...whos this ex girlfriend of Salvatore?" Shania, who was sitting next to me came closer and whispered in my ear."That girl behind you, she's putting lip gloss on her lips."

I slowly looked behind and indeed there was a bitchy looking girl.she had way too much makeup on her face and her lips looked stiky. She glared at me and I emediatly turned back .  "god. she lookes horrible, no wonder nobody wants to sit next to her." I said and my friends agreed. I already didn't like this Salvatore boy, just the choice of girlfriend made me cringe. "by the way, do you happen to know his name?" Betty shook her head. "apparently he doesn't  like to give away his name."

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