After school i was about to go to my job but Tasuku and I went flying in the sky . " Hey Hoshimi " Tasuku called me when I was beside him " Yes Tasuku ? " .

" U know sometimes when u ask me when I have a first job and mission your job is when the school ends, until u said after lunch break , and i not alone after all u here after lunch break 😊 "

" I know bc my boss said to me "

" Ok then I will go to my job or-"

" mission "

" yeah ok see you around Hoshimi-chan "

He left me and also Jackknife dragon ( 1000 ) or Jack . I was with Buster and he was faster then me and I catch up . When we are in the base of BuddyAgent or BuddySpy Agent Commander I wants me to track the monster it was form Darkness Dragon World it was looks like in Dragon World . " Ok I must find that monster " I said and I was outside the base in the park by using my normal clothes . Suddenly my tracking watch ( it was form Agent Commander I he give it to track the monster using the watch ) it locating in the river .

So I was walking and walking until I found the monster it was three heads ( which's was a dragon head ) it's eyes are color red and his skin was purple ' There it is I finally found it the darkness dragon ' I said and I remove my normal clothes and was so fast to changes it .

Before I get him my card was growing and it was my buddy Buster he is attack the darkness dragon suddenly a portal middle of no we're it was getting Buster in the portal . I was jumping and grab his tail suddenly me and my buddy are inside the portal and suddenly it was close and gone .

Agent Commander I 's Pov:

I was about to ask Hoshimi Tsubasa suddenly Amaya run though my office without a knocking and she fall down in the ground . I stand up and walking though Amaya and I pat on her left shoulder and I kneel down .

" What's wrong Amaya-chan ? "

" About Hoshimi she..... She gone ! "

" Impossible how ?! "

" I try too location were it is until it was gone !"

And I was surprise and I look at the window and I look back at Amaya . " Don't worry Hoshimi-chan will be fine ". I said and she stand up and leave ' Whatever it is Hoshimi must be in the monster's world ' I said and continued working

Hoshimi's Pov:

It is hurt and painful and if I open my eye's I was not in the park i was in some kind of battle training ( just like when Tasuku meet Super Armordragon , Galvanic Feather Dragon on the world of Dragons or Dragon World ) i saw my buddy Buster and I try to stand up and I have a blood on my left arm and i go to Buster ( this is going to be different and I not own a Future Card Buddy Fight ) he was awake when I go to him.

" Hey Buster did u know this place ? "

" No but I heard that thing we were in the battle when all dragons must fight "

He said and suddenly we heard a loud roar in the gate ( which was open ) it was a dragon it's skin was color golden , it's is looks like a thunderkinghts , his sword was made of iron or something his armor in the middle looks like a dragon and also it's eye's are color blue . He is walking forward and stop if is in the bring light not dark light.

' This Dragon must be Super Armordragon, Aura Sword Dragon ' She think and he start to spoke " Welcome to the battle arena of the thunderkinghts if I win u stay forever as my thunderkinghts if u win u may go back to your world " He said and he bring out his sword .

To Be Continued.......

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