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The girls trudged through the forest of wherever they were, grunting as they climbed up a rocky hill.

"We've been at this for ages! Why are we following dinosaurs? They went extinct!"

Opal exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air and turned to Emma to see why she wasn't complaining as well and scoffed when she saw Emma to busy running through the forest chasing the robot bird called Strafe, while the rest of the Dinobots followed behind Opal.

"Stupid over grown iPods..."

Grimlock lowered his head and growled right next to her small body, making her cock a hip and look at him hands on hips.

"What? You got something to say?"

He snorted in surprise and raised his head in annoyance at the fact she wasn't scared and was sassing the big tyrant.

"Yeah I didn't think so!"

Opal scoffed and started walking again, the work wasn't hard, she worked out but the fact she didn't know if they were safe or not was bugging her. They kept walking for the next few hours, whenever Opal tried to wander away Grimlock would nudge her back onto the right path. So she had no choice but to follow. Emma wandered up to Opal and slumped against her, panting softly and tired from chasing Strafe all day. The sun was starting to go down and it was getting dark, the temperature dropping quickly.

Opal started gathering all the large sticks and put them in a pile and burst out giggling with Emma as Grimlock and Strafe came over with whole trees in their mouths.

"N-No, g-guys w-we don't need that m-much"

Emma stuttered between gasps of air as she walked over to Strafe and stroked his head when he lowered both to her, dropping the tree while Grimlock was to stubborn and trudged over, he was leader, he would make the fire and look after them so he dropped the tree on the small human pile and opened his mouth, fire exploding from his throat and onto the large tree. Happy with his work he laid down against the hill so he could still be sitting up comfortably and the rest of the Dinobots laid down.

Emma climbed between Strafe's necks and laid down, nuzzling between them both, his heads each laying on the other side so she was shielded from the wind, cold and his metal frame kept her warm. She smiled and looked at the large tree that was burning, the smoke bellowing off it and filling the night sky then quickly turned her attention to Opal as she laid down near the fire by herself and went to sleep.

"Why must you be so stubborn..."

Emma sighed softly, knowing Opal should have slept with one of the bots to keep her warm but as usual was to stubborn and proud. Her attention quickly went to Strafe as he chirped at her softly nudging her. She giggled softly and started stroking his neck, listening to him purr as he slowly drifted to sleep. Once the loud snore of Grimlock filled the air she took a last glance at everyone before nuzzling deeper into Srafe's neck and fell asleep

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