CHAPTER fOur: sEpaRation

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    Italy was peacefully dreaming about escaping with all his friends when he his dream suddenly turned into a nightmare of them being murdered. He was being chased by the monster when he heard a familiar voice saying "Italy. Italy!". There seemed to be an earthquake and the voice said " Venezziano! Feliciano! Vargas!!". That's when he woke up from the constant shaking of Ib. "You were having a nightmare." she said. "Oh... Thanks for waking me up. I don't remember what I was dreaming of." he said. " Are you going to sleep again?" she asked. Italy replied " No, I wasn't even on planning on sleeping, in the first place. Sorry.". " It's okay." she said and added "Also, if you ever feel tired or something tell me. Okay."."Okay!" he said with a smile " Same to you! We'll look after each other." Ib smiled back and said "Okay!!"

    " So, did you figure out why this room is so familiar?" Italy asked. "Oh, I nearly forgot" she said remembering. "Yes, I have.". Italy said " Ve~ Is it good news or bad news?". "I was waiting for you to wake up find out before I checked."." Okay, let's go, then." he said. Ib held up the book. Italy said "That book smells weird.". " That's why, it was easy to find it." she said, opened it up and held it up so Italy can see. She flipped the pages everyrime Italy said he said he was done reading the page until he read all that was related where they were going ( basically, the whole book. After all, it is all about the secret room.).

    When they were done reading, they followed the instructions. Soon enough, they were trasported to the secret room. " This is a good sign." Ib said. Italy walked over the large painting that seems to repeating itself in a pattern and looked over at what's inputed on the panels beside it. " Three Crows and Five Fish" he read out loud. " It's looks like a puzzle and it looks like it's already been solved. I'm assuming, you solved it." he deduced. "Yes, I did." she said.

     "The book said that the exit button should be on the upper-left wall" she said and they walked towards it. There it was, the button. Italy said " If push it, we will be transported back to that room.". "Except that, we won't push it." she said. " Huh? What do you mean?" he asked. " If this is the same room then, the button should be right ...". She walked over to the lower-right wall and said "... here". "Shall I press it?" Italy asked, lookind at it. "Yes" she replied. When he did, they were trasported into a different library.

     "Ve~ Is this any familiar to you?" Italy asked. "It is." she said. "If the path hasn't changed, I should know exactly where the exit is."

      She led the way to the original Fabricated World painting. " So this where Garry jumped through." she said. The frame dissappeared. "This is our chance." she said. Ib was about to jump, when Italy said " You lose your memories, right?". " Oh, right." Ib said. Italy took a white flag and wrote their names on it. " Here" he said as he handed it over to Ib. " This should be enough to remind me." Ib said. " Okay, then. Come on." she added as she reached out her hand to help him. " Wait!" Italy said. " If I go through there, I will wind up in a different place, right?". " I think so...". she said. " Then, I can't. My friends still need my help, on the other exit. I need to find it and find a way to go through." he said. "Then, I'm coming with you." Ib said. " No!" Italy exclaimed. " You already lost your way out before. I don't you to lose your exit again. Plus, if you lose it again, you may never find it again. I should be able to find it myself. Also, even if you came with me through the other exit, I can never guarantee your safety. You saw that monster, right?!". Ib replied " I did see it but what if you don't find your way back? What if you did and can't go through it? What if you decide to use this exit instead and not find it? As much as I want to go back to the real world , see my family and friends, I will not leave you here! Even if you get stuck, atleast you won't be alone. But, the problem is, if we get stuck here, it is possible that the flow of time will go back to normal and we don't exist anymore, that we never existed." That's when Italy thought, I never existed. I never told America about the mansion. They will never come there. But... me and my friends never met. Our human alliance was formed. They never knew me...Italy was thinking about that so deeply that he did not realize that Ib was called his name. When he realized that Ib was saying something, he heard her say " BEHIND YOU!". When he turned he saw Mary standing behind him, holding his rose. Mary pulled out a blue rose and ran away. Italy ran afterher. Ib was going to jump out, when she was transported back to the reals world.

        Ib is now standing in front of the " Fabricated World" painting. She does not remember what she was doing....

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