"Oh god it's Allison!"

I was scared at first, thinking that these people, here in front of me, will make fun of me here in the party today, or possibly take stupid pictures to be posted on Facebook.

But I was a whole lot wrong.

They all screamed and shrieked and yelled, cheering me on like they're on a baseball match. I looked back to my brother, who was shooting daggers through me, looking rather angry and disappointed.

But this is a fun time. I should not let him, and him only, ruin that.

Flipping my green hair back, I jumped back into the water, full with my dress, just without the shoes. I don't want to disappoint Lauren Irwin for that.

As I splashed on the water, I swam up, wiping excess water from my eyes so I could see better. The people around me cheered loudly, screaming, clapping their hands along with the loud music.

I grabbed a free drink from the side and drank it, but luckily it's just Off Brand cola. As I was seated on one of the floating sharks, I was suddenly lifted up from where I was, and I was put on the back of another guy.

I don't know who this guy is, but as I can see he's blonde. As I was about to bow down to see who he really is, he, at the same time, looked up at me.

Then I froze.

"Oh fucking hell I thought you're freaking Jenna Rickards! Oh god I'm so unlucky" He groaned and pushed me off his back, which made me fall back down on the water.

But because he's too damn tall, I was scared of my impact on the water.

I screamed for dear life, but when I am sure as hell that I was going to land painfully down, I was caught on another pair of arms.

I opened my eyes to see Michael Clifford, and what surprised me the most was that we have the same hair color.

What is this, Mr. And Mrs. Green?

I like it though, but i'm not interested on Michael. More on Luke maybe.


I did not just say that.

Michael Clifford winked at me and put me down, but still grasping onto my hand.

He did not just wink at me.

I was bewildered onto why he did such thing, but I was perplexed that Luke won't scream at my face anymore. I'm tired of people that displease me when all I do is to please them, or admire them because of their traits.

I don't know why I still like Luke, even though he's acting like a prude to me.

Soon Michael grasped his hand away from mine, and I was rather wasn't tensed anymore from the contact.

I left the pool and headed for the backdoor, entering the house again. But this time the atmosphere is different. People are dancing with their wet bathing suits or clothes.

Teenagers these years are different, and I feel rather left out of this world.

I surpassed the heaps of wet teenagers and went up the stairs heading to my room.

But then I was frozen again because I saw Luke Hemmings and Jenna Rickards eating each other's faces off on my door.

I cleared my throat, and luckily they heard it since the second floor isn't really that noisy compared to where the party usually is.

They looked at me and once again, the stupid couple glared at me, and Jenna pulled Luke downstairs.

I pray goodluck to actually have their faces still until tomorrow.

I entered my room and closed it, being thankful that my room is soundproofed. My parents told me that I used to scream so loud every night, usually having bad dreams and nightmares.

But my nightmare now is my life.

I was thankful I haven't forgot to bring Lauren's shoes with me, and I place it on my closet before stripping off and going inside the shower.

I just feel very dirty walking with those stupid teenagers that I hate. I hate everyone.

I put on my sweatpants afterwards and a sweater. And opened my laptop, directed to Netflix immediately. I think Netflix is my second bestfriend, after Ashton I guess.

I picked the movie The Great Gatsby, and I'm just there, pondering about Leonardo DiCaprio and his marvelous mansion, completely forgetting that there's a party downstairs.


"Hey, Allison. Wake up." I was being shook and I opened my eyes before looking ok my alarm clock first.

It's 2:00 am and I can still hear the party, which means that the door is stood open. "Ashton?" I saw Ashton holding a glass of water in his hand.

I am craving for it right now. Because I need water right now. My throat is feeling dry, which is definitely from the drinks I consumed.

"I saw you drinking a couple of drinks a while ago, well, except when you drank Off Brand cola. That was cool."

I smiled at him, and accepted the glass of water from his hand.

"Thanks. And please close the door." He nodded before doing so, and afterwards he sat on my bed.

"What are you watching?" I looked back to my laptop where in the movie only lasted for like. 30 minutes.

"Oh, it's the Great Gatsby." He nodded at me and completely went with me on my covers, the both of us watching movies for the rest of the morning.

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