Chapter 34 - Love Finds Its Own Way

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*Continious from last chapter*

Park Chanyeol's POV

The sun was shinning brightly and it caused me to open my eyes. I got up from bed and took a shower. I wore my casual clothes and went out from my room. The house felt empty. The atmosphere was so 'empty' and usually, I would smell something yummy.

But no, nothing at all. I walked passed Jaehun's room and I took a step back. I grabbed the doorknob and twisted it. I opened the door and put my hands in my pocket. I looked around her room and it was... reality. I wasnt dreaming, everything was real.

I closed my eyes, preventing my tears to come out. I walked out from her room and closed the door. I headed back to my own room and I received a text message.

From : Suho

Yeol, we got practice again. Come here, asap. Breakfast is available here.

I read it and locked my phone. I changed my clothes and combed my hair up. I wore my watch, ring and sunglasses. I took my car keys and went downstairs. I locked the house and hopped in my car. I drove to SM and went in EXO's practice room.


He yelled as he came and hugged me with a chicken leg on his right hand. God, please leave me alone.

Me : Baek. Let go.

Baekhyun : Hyung, are you okay?

Me : Perfectly fine.

I said and left him dumbfounded. I went to the corner of the room and dropped my bag. I took out my earpiece and was about to plug it in. Until,

Suho : Chanyeol, eat breakfast first.

Me : Not hungry but thanks, Suho.

I then played music and turned up the volume. Everyone was eating breakfast while I was practicing my dancing. Im not hungry, anyway.

Suho's POV

My jaw dropped when Chanyeol said he wasnt hungry. Hey, I personally ordered his favourite chicken. He looked really down but his face was emotionless. He wasnt hyper and he looked mature. Something is definitely wrong.

Baekhyun : *sigh* What happened to my Yeollie?

Me : Yeah, he's different today.

Lay : Maybe he has problems.

Sehun : We should talk to him.

Xiumin : Dont. He probably doesnt want to talk about it. Let's ask him some other time. We dont want to ruin his mood that is already ruined.

Suho : Xiumin's right. Let's act that we dont know anything, alright?

D.O : Dont ask him anything  about Jaehun.

EXO : huh? Why?

D.O : He's like that because its Jaehun related but I still dont know yet. I cant reach Jaehun's phone either. Let's just act like we dont know anything, okay?

They all nodded and we started practicing.

Lee Jaehun's POV

I woke up and jumped out from my bed. I took my phone out and I didnt realize it ran out of battery. I charged it and jumped in the bathroom. I took a warm shower and when Im done, I jumped out from the bathroom and wore my clothes.

My phone vibrated and it signals me that my phone has 5 percent of battery. I checked it and my eyes widen.

Missed Calls

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