Black Cat

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It was a really hot day in Shanghai and training wasn't the easiest thing to do, but a ninja doesn't rest. Doesn't take his guard off. Never. That's the life Kiki chosed.

Well, she didn't really chosed at the beginning, but she decided to continued this path 'till the end of it.

Being adopted by an important family of ninja tradition, the Nougamis, they had prepared her mentally and physically for this way of life. Since childhood, she learnt how to optimize her senses. Her toys were kunai and shuriken, her friends could be her enemies. Ninjas don't follow a code, they follow who pays more.

At the age of sixteen she moved from Kyoto, from where her family was, to Shanghai. In China life was tougher than Japan, ninjas weren't as well considered as the country of the Raising Sun and who asked works from ninjas wasn't as respectable as japanese wealth people. Dirty works needed to be done, as well as killing, stealing, torturing.

Actually, Kiki killed some worthless idiot during her job, but never took innocent people life. That was a weakness, because still now she knew that if a dirty job would have come, she wouldn't be able to do it.

Thoughts passed through her mind, meditation was needed.

On the highest hill in the Shanghai province, the Shan Tien, an ancient buddhist temple protected the now crowded and rich commercial centre of the Great Empire. In that sacred corner, Kiki found a perfect place to recuperate her mind tranquillity through zen meditation. Her crossed legs lied on a cover of leaves, Buddha's hand position to allow the chi to go through her entire body, eyes closed to focus on the surrounding environment. A special moment of silence and quiet…

…which was interrupted by the familiar sound of a cat. A black cat she has seen for the past 18 years. She doesn't know if it was always the same. Never seemed to change,  that was the symbol of her family.

The Nougamis has discovered a way to communicate training black cats, who were used to bring messages between fellow ninjas of the Nougami house. The messages were mostly about jobs, and this one wasn't different.

A counseilor of the prime minister seemed to be involved into an agreement between nations, which could have lead to the end of Repubblic of China and its power. Obliviously the prime minister, Xiao Ming, absolutely against this treaty asked to ninjas to do the dirty work for him, in the quietest way possible. The real work was to kill the counseilor, Kamui Huang, his wife, Sew Lee, and his only son, Huang Zitao.

On the message was added that this will be the first time Kiki will do this kind of work, and this will be a test for her to see if she was ready to become a real ninja. That meant no survivors.

It's not that she didn't know that this time would have come, but she wasn't prepared enough. Or maybe she'll never be.

The work, though, had to be done. Maybe one day, she'll be the one who will take the lead of the family, she had to learn how to go against her own weakness. She had to be strong.

Deep inside, she knew that any politician involved into the chinese communist party had done something disgusting to be there. No honest man would have be there, if he had a bit of conscience. Once again, who was her to judge? Her life was to kill people for money, bad or good they were.

Time to prepare the equipment had come.

Going through the forest, which protected the temple, she saw the thousand stoned stairs that lead to Shanghai. Quickly she arrived into the city and crossed it, like a cat in the deepest night.

On the other side of the city, surrounded by trees there was an ancient household, the Nougamis Residence.

Going directly into the armory, she mentally focused on what would be needed for the mission.

Kunai, shuriken, swords. Dressed up with the black uniform, only her big eyes could be seen.

It was the moment to face her way of life.

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