Orange Mocha Frappachino

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The next morning I woke up alone. Billie & Mike left a note for me on the table that said, "Gone to band practice. Lock up if you leave." If? Did that mean I didn't have to leave? Was I welcomed to stay? I don't know.. I left anyways. I didn't want to wear out my welcome. I didn't really have anywhere to go but I found my way to a Starbucks because I needed a frappe. I used to live off them back home and I was having withdrawals. Anyways, I met this really awesome guy, he was pretty strange but dead cute. He ordered the exact same thing as me.. An orange mocha frappachino.. Which was odd considering it was a rare order. He seemed awfully excited about getting one & the fact I got one too, I guess he has ADHD or something, I don't know.. He told me his name was Tre & he was in a band called "The Lookouts".. That sounds really familiar but I don't know where I heard it. He told me how he plays at Gillman a lot too. His band is playing next weekend. I just have to see them!!

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