The Downfall Of Atlantis

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The sound of catastrophic waves crashing into our city combined with hundreds of people letting out deafening screams was terrifying. Mothers gripped their children as if once they let go, they would disappear into thin air. I gripped Eumonia’s hand tighter as we desperately tried to make our way through the congested streets of our doomed city. The enormous waves continued on their rampage claiming lives and everything else in their way, the waves crashed down on the city like a charging bull going after a red cloth.

It started as a rout of safety, my two younger siblings were sent to Atlantis for safety, how ironic? My sisters and I were referred to as the Horai, made up of Eumomia, Dike and I, Eirene, The three goddesses set to complete our lives in this city. I know you’re wondering how we got to the point of running. Well let me get to that.

We had only been in Atlantis for a few days, before we met out guardian, Alexander. He was one of the fiercest warriors in the entire city, he was meant to keep us safe. What we were yet to discover was that Alexander was a cruel heartless man, who only had eyes for money and power. We were  just trophies to him just more objects for him to possess. Dike, rarely stepped out of line, being the youngest of the our trio. She was quiet and reserved, she did nothing to provoke the man, but still she was killed. Alexander a man who would do anything for power, Maliously murdered an innocent fourteen year old girl, in front of her siblings. The  look in her eyes will haunt me forever, her terrified eyes found mine just as the knife penetrated her chest, Alexander smirked and drew back the dagger covered in a crimson liquid, blood, Eumonia screamed and ran forward to our sister who now lay lifeless on the cold marble ground of our shared bedroom. Alexander’s smirk grew into a grin, “to kill a goddess use a diamond  dagger, to receive their power” he mumble before chanting words, I cannot translate, I stood their motionless, I was unable to think, Dike was dead, Eumomia was clutching her to her body letting out heart wrenching sobs, I watched Alexander leave. I just watched, I was in such shock I didn’t know how to acknowledge what had happened.

That night the sea was furious. Large perilous waves hit the first ring of Atlantis. Nobody really took notice until the news of the first island ring disappearing under large waves was brought to attention. Women woke children form their slumber as quickly as possible and grabbed what they could carry and fled, scrabbling towards the shipping docks. Higher class nobles were the first to depart but it was not us. Alexander kept us locked in our room. We watched the absolute chaos from our balcony, 3 stories up. Eumonia was still yet to stop crying. I was numb. I didn’t feel anything, not on tear, not one sob, nothing.

It was a few hours later when I began to panic. The treacherous waves had now reached the centre island. Water lapped at the bottom of our building and was rising quickly. I raced to our door and struggled to unlock it, bashing against the door screaming for help. It was no use. It wouldn’t budge. I ran back to the balcony, watching people gather families, struggling to stay together whilst trying to get to the docks as fast as possible. I ran to our beds, ripping the sheets and tying them together with fishing knots. I tied it to the railing of the balcony, dropping the sheet rope down. I yelled for Eumonia to climb down. She reluctantly left Dike and walked to the balcony. He eyes changed from devastation to absolute mortification. She hastily climbed over the railing and grabbed the sheet. She took one look at me and with a slight nod, she began to climb down. She soon reached the ground safely, then beaconed me to follow. Climbing down my makeshift rope I heard something, the sound of fabric ripping. My rope gave way and let me fall the remaining two stories to the ground. I let out a scream of pain as my back hit the marble flooring of the patio, shooting pain straight up my legs. Eumonia gripped my arms and dragged me from the floor. She pushed me to move, pleading with me to move faster. We slowly made our way down the marble street. People shoved and barged their way through. Each person trying to get to the dock faster than the next.

The painful journey to the docks was almost over. We could see it just up ahead. We started to move faster, more desperately. Boats were filling fast. Not all of us were getting on those boats.

We reached the docks with barely any time. The waves were getting higher, maliciously rising out of the gloomy water before crashing down and claiming lives. People began to scream louder as the last boats began to leave, including me. My main priority was to get myself and Eumonia on one of those boats. It was a life or death situation.

I leapt from the dock to the rope ladder of a large ship, pulling myself onto the deck.  “Eumonia, JUMP!” I screamed over the crowd. I anxiously watched her jump, grabbing the rope. I reached down for her and she began to reach up. Hope sparked in me. We could make it! I almost had her hand until a large wave hit the side of the boat, ripping her from the tether of the rope. Her head knocked into the side of the large timber vessel as the sea claimed another life….. hers!

“Eumonia”, I shrieked. I peered down at the surging ocean, silently begging for her to resurface. As the minutes passed I had to come to the realisation that she was lost. I had no one.

As I looked back at the shore, I noticed the devastation that I had escaped from. The waves had almost swallowed the islands of Atlantis, only the central mountain was visible. The rings had vanished into the deep. I had no one, my sisters were both lost, there was nothing left for me, I made up my mind. I clutched the wood of the railing and climbed over. This way I would be with them, Dike, Eumina and I would be reunited. With a small smile, I pushed away from the ship and tumbled into the dark cold waves. I was sucked beneath the dark cold water, no matter how much my lungs screamed for air, there was none. I could feel myself drowning, it was as if I was a ghost, everything was fading.

“Eirene”  “Eirene” Their voices were like a beautiful………… my ears. I could almost see them as my world faded to eerily blackness.

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