They rode into war they rode into history

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Eight hundred Aussie horseman learn to ride outback, while droving or riding on the track,

But one day they were told that they had to go to war to fight the Turks once and for all,

They galloped towards the Turkish lines and across the Sinai sand, to Beersheba where the turkish troops will stand,

It was the secret to the desert war, the only water to be found, and five thousand British troops had failed to take the town.

Six thousand yards towards the Turks line the heroic horsemen ride, all at full gallop and they had to jump the twine.

Bullets were shot horses were rocked, bombs got ahead and blew them to shreds, they got there in despair and they cleared the Turks trenches but machine gun bullets had filled the air.

They got to Beersheba and the Turks were now in despair, they charged the town, they were a fearsome sight they had fulfilled their orders,

They had the whole town by night. And forty brave horsemen paid the ultimate price and they were the only ones to have not survived that terrible fight.


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