Cakes and Embarrassment [9]

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Chapter 9

Cake and Embarrassment


We ended up going to the grocery store, without having a reason to go, “Hey, Will, what did you want to get at the grocery store”, I asked, unaware of the real reason William wanted to go to the store, which was now less than a block away.

The car ride was silent, but not awkward in the slightest, at least for me. I had been looking out the window for the entire ride. I occasionally turned to look at William, and our eyes would meet for about a second before we looked away.

After the long silence, he finally responded, “To get something to eat for dinner, I did mention salad, didn’t I”, he asked, I quickly turned to face him. His face was expressionless as always, and before I could restrain myself, I let out a loud sigh. I knew he wouldn’t compliment me, it was just false hope wasn’t it… but why would I hope for him to compliment me? I don’t understand why I had been… jealous? I guess thats it, but why would I be jealous of Grell…

“If you want.. we could get some kind baking supplies.. Ronald brought some cake mix the other day, we could all try making a cake together”, he offered, I was surprised, but was soon smiling from ear to ear. I can finally do something to help them, and we will be working together… like friends…

“I would love that”, I beamed, I haven’t been this happy in a long time, I even used the word “love”.

I smiled brightly as William parked the car, “Do you enjoy baking”, he asked, throwing me a bit off guard.

I shook my head, “Not really, but I would probably enjoy working with other people, as a team”, I said, my voice drifting off, hope overflowing in my eyes. He seemed surprised by my response, but quickly recomposed himself.

(~Time Warp; At Will’s Apartment~)


We walked into my apartment, the both of us having two bags in hand. Once I had shut the door behind us, I was greeted by bright green eyes that were full of disappointment, he clicked his tongue then began pulling me into my bedroom, “What’s wrong with you Will”, he whisper-yelled.

I raised my brow, “What is wrong with me”, I asked, confused with the situation.

Ronald sighed, “You are supposed to carry the all of the bags, so she doesn’t have to work”, he raised his voice, then sighed, “You’re hopeless Will, you can’t even help the girl you like”, he said, putting his face in the palm of his hand.

My heart accelerated at his words, he knew I had feelings for Luna before I did, “I have to put this away”, I said, walking out of my room quickly. How was I supposed to know? And how would I have asked her, I couldn’t even compliment her earlier.

I walked out and began to help Luna put away the groceries, trying not to make eye contact with her while doing so. Once we had finished, Luna faced me, “When should we make the cake”, she said, a big smile on her face. That smile is adorable, and also very rare.. I should help make her happy.

“Whenever you want, but we have to convince Ronald to help us”, I said.

She continued to smile, then began walking towards Ronald who had been listening to our conversation while sitting on the couch.

She tackled Ronald, flying onto the couch, landing on Ronald. I felt my stomach stir, she is quite carefree right now..

Her actions caught Ronald off guard, and his face immediately turned red, "I-I'll help you", he said quickly, making Luna's smile only widening.

She removed herself from him quickly, then turned to face me, "Mission accomplished", she said, her smile being replaced with a devilish smirk. I blinked twice, That can catch anyone off guard.

We all stood in the kitchen, each having a different priority. Ronald was making the frosting that would be used to decorate the cake, Luna had been checking the temperature of the oven, until everything was precise, and I was mixing all of the ingredients. I suddenly felt someones gaze on me, so I checked to see who had been staring.

I turned to see Luna looking at me, beginning to blush when she met my eyes, "O-oh, Will... I'm done here, do you need help", she asked, walking closer to me.

I looked back at my progress, I guess I should get the mold for the cake, I nodded, "The mold for the cake, please", I said, then realizing the miniscule amount of space between the two of us. I adverted my eyes from her, indulging myself in my work, or in this case, making the cake.

I put the whisk in the sink, then began looking for non-stick spray. Once I had found, I turned around around, a bit too fast. I ended up bumping into Luna, seeing she was about to fall, I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me. She was now pressed against my chest, the both of us blushing furiously.

"Get a room", Ronald said, making us separate like a negative and positive magnet, {A/N: That was the nerdiest metaphor I've ever used}.

(A/N: I'm sorry that this chapter is so short, I just have been lacking a few ideas, {and as I type this I get the most brilliant idea ever, hehe}, so the next chapter will hopefully be more detailed. I also would like to mention that school is almost here, and that my updates will become a bit less frequent. Sorry, but there is not much I can do about that. Meow.)

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