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I was turning 17 when he first attempted to enter my little world. I was young, immature and the whole story of my life that time was all about friends and family.

Anything about Love~ what do I know? All experiences I had were the puppy love I felt for my high school crush RJ and the puppy heartbreak made by Kenneth, a high school lover who attempted to enter my life, but decided to stop courting me afterwards. Ohright to sum it up, I am a noob individual who knew literally what Love means but personally, never felt it yet.

I was not allowed to have a boyfriend until I finish school. That's the set condition. Having a very strict parents and 3 protective brothers and 2 conservative sisters; plus being the youngest; boom~ obviously, you already know the reason why.

To begin, let me introduce myself first. I am Samantha Rivera but you can call me Sam. And this is my story :)

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