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I woke to my 5 month old baby brother Jason crying. Yes he sleeps in the same room as me.

I got out of bed with my ponytail to the side. I went to my brothers crib and picked him up. I rocked back and forth till he finally fell back to sleep.

Today we were moving to Texas. I think San Antonio. I don't want to move. I'm gonna have to go through that new girl in school faze.


My name is Vanessa Montez. My friends call me Nessa. I am from NYC. I have long wavy brown hair. I have brown eyes. I have 1 brother who's 5 months old. My dad died due to cancer.

My mom has short brown hair. She has brown eyes. She always like to go out with friends.


Today was my last day of school since I'm moving to SA Texas. Gah why do we have to move now. I went to my closet a picked out a white crop top from WetSeal that stopped a little bit past my ribs. Then I picked out shorts that had suspenders that showed my sides. I picked out my black and red Nikes.

I made my way downstairs and said goodbye to my mom and made my way to school.


I finally made it to school. I walked in to school and saw my friends waiting by my locker. I walked up to them and gave them all a hug.

"Hey Nessa." My friend Kayla said. Kayla had blonde hair with diamond blue eyes. I loved her eyes.

"Hey Kay." I said.

My friend Nicole smiled at me. I smiled back. Nicole had black hair with the bottomed of her hair dip-dyed red and blue. She had hazel green eyes.

Then there's Haley. She has blueish-grayish eyes and light brown hair. We call her Hal.


*Last Period*

Finally the last period until school ends. I told my friends that I was moving to SA Texas. They weren't so happy. My mom texted me and said she's coming to pick me up because we have to leave to the airport.

5 minutes later the office buzzed in and said I was being dismissed. I waved bye to my friends and teacher and left. I really don't want to leave. I have so many memories in that house and this school. I opened the door to exit and hopped in to my moms car.

"How was your last day of school?" My mom asked.

"Sad." I said. With that I plugged in my earbuds and feel asleep while we were on our way to the airport.

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