Part III

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"It worked."

Hushed voices talked around me.

"Bring him away, quickly--"

And I succumbed to the eternal darkness.


Streaks of light streamed in through the little locked window in the edge of the small, enclosed space.

I've been here for almost an hour. Trust me, I counted.

Not like there was anything else to do.


Not to mention the leaking ceiling, droplets of water hitting the damp floor every few seconds. A little puddle of murky water had formed where the droplet touches down, causing it to ripple with distaste.

I hugged my legs close to me, breathing into my hands to keep myself warm. It was freezing. Goosebumps ran up my forelegs and arms.

The lightbulb above me flickered.



And the room blacked out.


Someone unlocked the cell.

There was a moment of silence, and then the clanging of metal and shoving of leather resounded through the space.

"Enjoy your new friend," The guard remarked, the hint of a smirk in his voice, and then stalked off down the hall.

Someone else is here?

"W-who... who's in here?!" Someone demanded. I couldn't tell from the voice whether it was a girl or guy, but it was a sharp tone, yet seemed panicky.

"Me," I replied monotonicly, not sure how I should feel about having someone else here with me.

"And you are?"

"Someone locked in here for who-knows-how long for something I didn't even understand I did," My voice echoed dryly.

A sudden silence hung in the air.

I could hear his or her mouth open, hoping to say something, and then hesitated, but eventually said, "Let's try this again."

A girl.

Definitely a girl.

I wasn't sure how I suddenly knew.

"I'm Harolds. Emma Harolds. You?"

"Eve. Colton Eve." I pondered for a moment, then asked.

"Why're you here?"

I heard her lick her lips.

"Ain't matter."

I decided not to pry further.

Our light breathing in the cold winter night, no light whats-so-ever, was the only sound left and the only warmth to our shaken bodies were provided by the ripped and ragged clothes that hung limp from our skin.

The silence wasn't as awkward as it would seem, strangely comfortable.

Emma Harolds, what a boyish name, yet oddly familiar. A memory knocked itself against the shadows of my mind. What---

"Want to leave?" She whispered. Her voice was soft and uneasy, obviously new to the presence of males.

"Leave?" I repeated, momentarily shocked.

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