Chapter 30

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Shiri's POV:

Gon and Hisoka walked to the center of the arena and the tension was felt easily. Hisoka used Ren and bloodlust radiated waves from him while Gon started his own Nen with an unwavering look.

"Begin!" The referee yelled before backing off.

Gon leaped towards Hisoka instantly and aimed punches at him in an incredible speed. Hisoka dodged every single attack and chopped Gon on the back but the boy turned around and aimed another punch.

The battle was intense as blows were being exchanged and dodged.

I held my breath as Gon received a blow but sighed in relief when he immediately stood back up.

Gon continued to attack Hisoka while the latter dodged or blocked every hit.

Hisoka kicked him and Gon spun around before he made a move to break Hisoka's leg. The magician would have punched him if Gon hadn't dodged in time.

I stared at the boy as he faired pretty good against Hisoka before a smile broke on my face as Gon continued to dodge each punch.

Hisoka aimed a punch at Gon's face before pausing and confusing the young boy. This action caused Gon to miss Hisoka's next attack, resulting him sliding back a long way but still stood up.

The crowd cheered loudly as the ref announced a point for Hisoka.

Gon glared at him as he rubbed injured cheek with his sleeve.

"What's wrong? I haven't moved a step from where I started." Hisoka stated.

"Huh? Really? Damn! Just you wait!" Gon said frustratedly before seemingly to be deep in thought.

"Hisoka's enjoying himself." Killua spoke up as I nodded.

"In terms of actual skill, there's a large gap. But he still has a weakness. Hisoka knows that he's stronger, so he won't retreat. That gives Gon an opening!" Killua said.

"Gon would notice that." I replied doubtlessly.

I watched as Gon sprinted towards Hisoka and did a few feints before jumping back.

He flipped a tile and broke it into pieces with a kick. Hisoka destroyed the shattered stones that came at him while his eyes were filled surprise.

I continued to watch Gon who used Zetsu and hid behind a rock. He suddenly jumped from the rock and punched Hisoka in the face as the magician turned around.

I smiled like Killua and leaned back against my seat as I realised I was just sitting on the edge of sit.

Gon received two points with one point ahead of Hisoka.

They stood still for a moment before Hisoka walked towards Gon. Gon relaxed before standing up straight and walked to him as well.

Gon took out the #44 ID tag from his pocket and handed it to him. Hisoka took it and they both jumped away from each other.

Hisoka created a few more tags then made them disappear in a puff of smoke.

"How much have you learned about Nen?" Hisoka asked.

"All the basics." Gon told him truthfully while I sighed.

"I see. You must be an Enchancer." Hisoka stated while pointing at him.

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