Sweet Melody of Mine (Pierce The Veil)

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~okay so am doing a new fan fic about pierce the veil so i hope you like it and again sorry about grammar and spelling errors and as you known i like to put two love interest so bare with me duckies i do not own any rights to any of the people only what is fiction is mine thanks and i hope you like it~

*Melody's POV*

        Am your not so average girl where do i start...well for starters am 19 going to be 20 pretty soon the names Melody Adams am 5'5 and in shape i have a nice figure and am popular with the boys just not in that slutty kinda way but in attractiveness i have a septum piercing and snake bites i have bright blue hair that goes up to my mid back in a scene kinda look to it i have a nice tattoo on my side of a cherry blossom tree going from my hip to the side of my right breast as well as a batman tattoo on the back of my neck am pretty laid back i work at a music store named 'LEGACY' part time and have a boyfriend named Jared and a best friend Lacey who lives in the same apartment complex am below shes above hmm well not much else to me.

        It was almost towards the end of my shift only an hour left it was pretty slow today so i was mostly being lazy strumming the guitars every now and then i had that gift that my dad gave me the love of music so i play alot of guitar and drum a bit. I was currently playing 'super massive black hole' by muse on the guitar when someone taped me on the shoulder i turned to see a guy with tan skin and long hair he looked about 5'7 and well really cute "hey there how can i help you?" he smiled at me which kinda made my heart skip a beat "i was looking for your cd section" "oh that's in the way back just head down this section here and you should hit it" he nodded and walked away toward were i had pointed 'damn wouldn't i like a piece of that' i giggled at the thought and put the guitar down and walked back to the front i waited for a few minutes when three other guys walked in one had a hat on and a braid in his hair and several tattoos 'woah sexy!' another had spiky hair 'damn okay good looking' and finally the last had lots of tattoos and kinda looked like the guy frm earlier 'super damn!' they walked up to me all laughing and smiling "hey were looking for our friend we believe he walked in here he has kinda long brown hair" "oh yes i believe his in the back looking at cds" the one with spiky hair thanked me and walked towards the back with the one that had the hat "so whats your name?" you stared at the guy with many tattoos "am Melody and you my good sir?" he laughed at my comment which made me smile "the names mike" he gave me a smile and leaned on the counter infront of me "well its nice to meet you mike is there anything i can help you with on this fine day?" "well you can give me your number that would help alot" i giggled at his request and just then Mason the afternoon guy walked in "whats up maz!" i greeted him with a hug and saw mike looked kinda pissed "hey future wife of mine" i laughed at him and gave him a playful punch on the arm "you think"  "i guy can dream can't he"  "watever floats your boat hunni" i grabbed my bag from under the counter and walked towards the front "see you around mike" i started for my car also known as 'kari' yes i named my scion tc anyway i unlocked when i heard footsteps running towards me o look back to see mike "whats up mike?" i look at him a bit confused "hey umm i was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime you know if you want" i smile at him and give him a peck on the cheek "sounds fun heres my num" i grab a pen from my bag and grab his hand for a second he went stiff but eased up i wrote my number and got in my car i waved bye at mike and drove away. once in my apartment i threw myself on the couch "what a day!" i closed my eyes for a second and thought about the events that happened and pictured mike i smile crept its way onto my face 'that guy sure can leave an impression' just then my phone vibrated signaling i had a text i opened it and read it...








I smiled and put my phone down i sat up and saw it was getting pretty late i ended up getting in the shower putting on some scented lotion and got dressed in my black skinnies and my asking alexandria tank with black vans "might aswell go tell jared its done am sure his with his skank rite now" i walked out the door and got into my car jared had been cheating on me for the last month but i was to afraid to leave him but now is the best time to just dump and go a few minutes later i was parked infront of jareds place i got out and walked to his door knocking twice some slutty looking girl opened it "can i help you?" the look of utter disgust crossed your face "yea am looking for jared is he here?" she looked me up and down and screamed for jared he came up behind her not even noticing me yet "yea babe whats up?" i grew angry and wanted to punch him so bad but held back "hey jared just came by to tell you were done" he looked up at me with shock written all over his face "melody baby its not what you think!" "save it am done" and with that i walked away i  knew he was coming after me but i still slammed the car door on him and drove off 'feels good to get rid of that finally!'

~i hope you guys liked it am trying hard to keep up and sorry if somethings aren't accurate am trying my best so comment and vote please thankss~ picture of melody on the side --->

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