chapter twenty one the forest

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I held her in my arms, she lay there peacefully. The sky turned dark again the vague glow of the moon illuminated some of the dark forest that thrived behind us. "mmgh.. where am I?" Maddison asked opening her eyes "your with me you'll be alright" I answered looking down at her, she stood up and started checking her self "I'm..I'm a HUMAN!" she cheered and hugged me "thanks to you" she added looking at me and smiling, I smiled back.

 "hmm I guess were going this way" I said looking towards the gloomy forest.

 "Is there any other way?" Maddison asked

 "well If we go back to the village the guardian will know we would go back there he would be searching for us, we'd lose him in the forest easily" I answered "and well theres really no way out, there's just the castle and I searched there for ages there's no way out that way" I added.

we carefully made our way into the dark forest. as we approached it Maddison grabbed my hand, I could feel her trembling "hey Maddison don't worry we'll find a way out of here" I comforted her and squeezed her hand. I saw a piece of paper on a tree, unpinned it and drawn on it were tree's and slender "the eight pages" I mumbled, "what?" Maddison asked looking at me, I looked up at her "we need to find eight pages, or slender will get us" I answered, grabbed her hand and walked on. "we need to stay together, look out for pages like this they could be anywhere" I said showing Maddison the page

 "But this forest is huge, we'll never find every page" she added, "we will Maddison we have to" I cried looking at her. "Come on we found all those five rubies right! then we can do this" I added.

 We started to walk together to find the rest of the pages.

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