Chapter 20: Formal Part 1

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We arrive at school at 7:15 and the dance is in full swing. Tobias opens my car door for me and we follow the gang into the gym. The Formal committee have done an amazing job! There are tables with white cloths spread around the edges of the gym with white and blue flowers, silver streamers, effect lights, a buffet and a stage at the far end of the gym with a snowy backdrop so that you can't see behind the stage.

The gang all walk over to the dance floor. We group dance together to 'It's Time' by Imagine Dragons, 'Sing' by Ed Sheeran, '22' by Taylor Swift, 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry and 'Classic' by MKTO. Afterwards, we all go over to the buffet to cool down for a little bit. We all settle on chocolate and strawberry ice cream and sit down at a free table. I'm meant to perform at 8 and right now it's 7:50.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Be back in a minute." I tell them and head to my locker. I get out the short, white sequinned dress I put in there earlier and go to the girls bathroom. I take off my long dress and slip on my mid-thigh length dress. It has thin straps and hugs my figure well. I take my hair out of it's braid and re-position the headband. Now I am wearing the dress, white heels, my hair is starlight and sparkly like my dress and is out of my face with the help of the headband and I am wearing my earrings and necklace. Satisfied I walk back to my locker and put my other dress away. The clock in the corridor says 7:57 so I make my way around to the back of the gym and let myself in.

I grab a microphone and get ready. I calm myself down because smaller crowds like this make me nervous because you can see their faces much more clearly. I am singing three songs, the first two are just regular songs but the last one is a Christmas song because, well, it's winter formal and it's nearly Christmas.

I hear the music stop playing and the principal walks onto the stage.

"Good evening students. I hope you are enjoying your time tonight and I would like to say a special thank you to the Formal Committee because they have truly outdone themselves." He says. I hear the crowd applauding. "Our first act tonight is the one and only Tris Prior!" He says more loudly this time. The crowd goes insane! I walk out on stage and people cheer. The music starts. And I sing. (Girl I Used To Know - Stefanie Scott)

"Five minutes 'til the curtain goes up

And how I hate myself for thinking of you.

So in the past, but the memory lasts

Of how you hated everything that I'd do.

You never paid attention

To dreams I'd mention

You'd just go out your way to simply ignore.

You'd say your're never gonna make it

Bring your feet back down to the floor

...But no more...

Now my band is playing

I hear you saying

'Ain't that the girl that I use to know?'

My fans are screaming,

no I'm not dreaming

Now I don't search for your face in my sold out crowd anymore

Oh Oh

Oh yeah

Yeah that's my song on the radio.

Now that I'm flying

you'll be the one that's saying 'oh'

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