South Park - Kyle - lemon

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"Uh! Shut the hell up Cartman!" you cried, making everyone stare at you. Cartman, however, made the mistake of mimicking you and you jumped up, punching him in the face, knocking him out. You were lucky you weren't in school.

"You.. punched Cartman" Kyle pointed out. You nodded, straightening out your top and dusted down your skirt, grinning happily at your achievement. You skipped over to where Cartman had staggered backwards and fell over, carefully examining him.

"The big wimp's going to be fine Kyle. Just knocked out. And by the looks of it, his nose is broken." You stated, looking back to face Stan, Kenny and the one you had the biggest crush on in the history of crushes: Kyle. Your mother was a doctor, which was why your were able to state the injuries you had gifted to Cartman.

"Now, come on, help me move this dickhead over to the sofa, and then we can play truth or dare or doodle on him. Whatever you want. I frankly don't give a damn." You smiled, before moving your arms under Cartman's body and lifting him up a bit. Kyle, Stan and Kenny all joined in and helped you move him over to the sofa before you had the best idea ever. You quickly excused yourself from the room and ran to your family kitchen, grabbing a bucket, ice and freezing water. Why not bring the dickhead (as you loved to call him on your own) back to his senses and pour the contents of the now very heavy and full bucket over his head?

You dragged the bucket back out, and almost automatically a smile you adored spread over Kyle's face, causing you to dip your head down, hiding the light dusting of baby pink that covered your cheeks.

"Right," you asked, looking back up,"who wants to help me pour the water over Cartman's head, and who wants to film his reaction?"

Kenny's hand shot up and he said he wanted to film, and Kyle offered to help you chuck the water over his head. Stan grinned and helped Kenny set up the camera on the tripod that you had in the room and put his thumbs up, signalling that everything was in order. You looked at Kyle, questioning him if he was ready in a stare. He nodded so you mouthed 3, 2, 1 and poured the bucket over Cartman's head.

He shot up faster than anything, and grabbed your arm, causing you to shriek and throw the bucket down. Kenny and Stan began to laugh like mad. You shot Kyle a look that said 'go and hide in the closet' before he ran off, causing Cartman to shout after him, still gripping your arm.

--time skip brought to you by Kyle in the closet--

You were shoved into the closet Kyle was in. Cartman had guessed on Kyle's whereabouts and now decided to play a little bit of 7 minutes in heaven. Though knowing him, Cartman was going to most likely leave you in the closet with Kyle for longer than 7 minutes. Not that you were complaining anyway.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked, aware that the closet was small and therefore you were right up against him.

"Uh, well, it's 7 minutes in heaven according to the dickhead.." you mumbled. And that's when you suddenly were taken aback by Kyle. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you even closer, how that was possible you had no clue. He then kissed you. Like, proper, on the lips kiss.

It wasn't a bad kiss either. It was a sort of hungry one, but mixed in with passion and love. So you returned it, the kiss equal to his, if not more passion in yours. You left your hands loop around Kyle's neck, and began to play with loose curls that were under his hat. All to soon though did you have to break for air, which was limited in the closet.

"Kyle..." You whispered, half panting.

"Shh.." He placed a finger on your lips, silencing you. You smiled and gasped a little as the other hand began to dance around your back. You cheekily licked the finger that remained at your lips, teasing him and earning a surprised gasp from him before he removed his finger from your lips and locked his lips onto his, kissing you again.

Both of his hands carefully began to trail around your body, earning little gasps and moans from you. You continued to let one hand play with his curls and let the other dance around his back, traveling painfully slowly downwards.

You moaned as his hands found their way under your top. The danced around, his cold hands against your warm skin felt like nothing before. You began to pull up his shirt a little, breaking the kiss to remove it and let it drop to the floor. His green hat, from what you felt, was still somehow on his head, but you pulled it off and let it drop onto his shirt.

He pulled both your top and bra off at the same time, in a hesitant but skilled way. He looked straight at you, and even though the light wasn't the best, you could still see the twinkle in his eyes as clear as crystal. And that alone made your heart ran faster.

Another moan escaped you as one of his hands gently played with one of your breasts and a moan escaped his as you let your hands down, exploring the lower half of his torso. His playing with your breast got a little faster, needier.

He let one hand travel and pull at your skirt, capturing you in another kiss and he unbuttoned the side of the skirt, letting it fall down to you feet. He licked your lower lip, and you opened your mouth, and he pushed his tongue in. A quick fight for dominance started, but Kyle won in the end and explored your mouth, you trailing along beside his and your tongue danced with his.

You undid the button and zip on Kyle's trousers and tugged them down, leaving them at his feet, still kissing him. Boy was he a good kisser. He placed his hands on each side of my face, breaking the kiss and looking at me.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I may have been a bit quick. But if we go any further I may not be able to stop.." He mumbled, pushing a bit of hair out of my face. I blushed as his hand ran across my cheek. "You're so beautiful.."

I blushed, nodding, my hands pressed against Kyle's chest. "Go on," I whispered in his ear, "I don't mind"

That was enough to set him off. He forcefully, yet somehow carefully, pulled my panties down and pulled down his boxers, his erection springing free.

"You're already soaking... am I really that good?" Kyle asked, surprised. I nodded, resting my head on his shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled softly.

"Ready?" Kyle whispered. I nodded and he lifted up my leg slightly, just to give him better access. He then captured my lips in a kiss, not even asking but just prodding his tongue through and he pushed into you.

You gasped and moaned a little, and he grunted a little. Kyle waited until you were ready and you nodded your head, telling him to move again, which he did. It was slow at first, but as you both got more excited, the thrusts got faster. You kept on kissing him, smiling every so often.

At one point, Kyle repostioned himself without warning and and hit a spot that was ten million times more sensitive.

"K..Kyle..." You moaned, wrapping your arms slightly tighter around Kyle.

"Y..ou liked that?" Kyle asked in between thrusts. 

You nodded, resting you head back on his shoulder. You moaned more as he hit the spot again and again, edging you closer to your -and most likely his- climax. Your breathing was all out of time and pace, not that you cared. You guessed that this was normal as Kyle's breathing was just like yours.

The thrusts began to get slower as you and Kyle both were close. What you both didn't heard was the muffled laughs from behind the closet door. You were moaning a fair bit, quietly of course, you didn't want the others to hear this. The boys -mainly Cartman- thought you two were busy snogging each others faces off and had planned to almost yank the closet door off of its hinges to open it and interrupt you from your 'make out' session.

And they did just that, scaring both you and Kyle into climax. Stars were in your eyes as you came, and then you suddenly understood your situation. The light from the main room flooded into the closet and you yelped a little. You and Kyle were too tired to do anything so Kenny, Stan and Cartman happily watched you both, absorbing the sheer scale of this.

Kenny was focusing on your breasts, how they heaved up and down as you breathed, Stan was just a tiny bit disturbed from the whole scene but looked straight at Kyle, while Cartman laughed his head off.

"Oh dear we're going to have to deal with a pregnant girl now." Cartman fake whined, but you could hear the snigger in his voice oh so well.

"Fuck off Cartman."

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