I think I love you

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"Did you get them?" Beth asked, twirling her orange hair with her fingers.

"Yeah, I can't wait!" Lucy shouted, putting her arms up in the air.

"Me either! Finally, we're independent women!" Beth said, "Hannah?"

I shook my head, "Sorry: Daydreaming, what did you get?"

"The keys idiot," Beth hit me across the head.

"Oh right, yeah I'm really excited(!)" I said to them. The both screamed as Beth put the car in gear and drove off towards North Side.


Maybe I should catch you guys up.

I'm  Hannah Stevenson. 18. Brunette. Me, Lucy and Beth have just finished high school in England. We decided that we would all chip in and get an house together. So we got the keys and now we're going. Oh and, just because we're English, doesn't mean we sound like the bloody queen.



"Hey guys, we're meeting the girls there so you better hurry up!" I shouted at the lads, who were, stupidly messing about inside tesco (supermarket.)

"Sorry mate, there was this proper fit girl in there and she was-" Kohl was cut off, by me.

"Single? Well too bad because you already have a girlfriend."

"Oh yeah!" Kohl did the 'Joey Essex' hand click and jumped into the back of the car.

"And you," I said to Will, "You have Beth, so shut up and let's go."

They both mumbled and we finally set off.


Let me tell you abit about me. And them two.

I'm Sam McKay (m-ki.) 18. Us Ladd's finished high school, got an apartment with our girls and yeah. That's basically it. Oh and my girlfriend Lucy is my world.



"We're here!" Beth shouted, turning off the engine and literally jumping out the car, followed by an eager Lucy.

I followed, walking, not jumping, or leaping, because to be honest I didn't find it that interesting. It was just a house.

Beth put the key in the lock, turned it and opened the door.

"Wow," They said, I mouthed. Them two had chosen the house and I hadn't seen it yet, but it was gorgeous.

Without hesitation I dashed upstairs to get the biggest bedroom, then I hit the floor with a loud thud. Lucy had rugby tackled me to the floor and was now climbing over me. Luckily, she wasn't the only one who could tackle. I took her down and slammed through the door and claimed the room mine.

"Ba-Boom," I shouted.

"You just wanted it so you and Kohl could have more 'fun' than us," Beth smirked. Then there were voices,

"Lucy?" Sam shouted up. She sprinted downstairs to Sam, followed by me, followed by beth who had gotten to the medium room.

"Hey," I said to Kohl, giving him a massive hug.

"Hey," Kohl hugged back, slightly "So who got which room?"

"Beth and I have obviously got the biggest?" Will questioned. He looked around and then to me. "You got it."

"Might have," I grinned and threw Kohl the keys to the car so all of the boys could bring in our stuff.


"This is going to be amazing!" Lucy shouted, putting her arms up, again and flopping down on the sofa.

"Obviously, because I'm with you," Sam sat, kissed Lucy gently and put his arm around her.

"Get a room!" I said, launching a pillow at Sam.

Lucy moved away. Jumping up basically 2 minutes after she sat down, she said, "Going to bed, anyone else coming?"

"But its only," Sam started.

"Night!" She shouted, dashing up the stairs into the smallest room.

"Well then, if she's going, so am I," Beth said. She kissed Will and ran up the stairs.

"Ugh but its so much effort," I said and sat down on the sofa opposite Sam, who was laughing at my exclamation.

"Hey," Kohl said, "I might go up too, you coming?"

"Like I said, its to much effort," I sighed, "but I will come up for you."

Me and Kohl went upstairs, got into bed and I tried everything to get to sleep but nothing worked. I reached over to my phone: 3:27. I looked to my left, Kohl wasn't there. Where is he.

I got out of bed and went downstairs quietly.

"Han?" Sam whispered from the setee.

"Shit, you scared the piss out of me!"

"Sorry mate, can't sleep?"

"No, how come you're on the couch?"

"Lucy locked the door and won't let me in."

"I'm sure if you hit the door hard enough, you'll be able to get in. Where's Kohl?"

"I thought he was with you?"


"You don't think...?"

"No. They..they wouldn't.. they can't," I stuttered.

"There's only one way to find out..."


I'm sorry, I Dont have a book cover yet so that will just have to do!

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