Krissy's POV

I was making myself ready for the mission. After i saw Jason and Lucy standing at the front door my mind raced with everything at once. I felt a little jeaulous and sick at the same time. How she was throwing herself on Jason was disgusting but i was jeaulous of the way he was looking at her. I knew he wanted her. I never knew it was so disgusting to look at.

A knock on my door brought me back from my thoughts. 

"It's open" I yelled. The door opened and i saw Alex and Jake walk in.
"Hey guys." I smiled at them. They smiled back and Alex layed down on my bed.

"How are you feeling right now?" Jake asked me. "Fine. Still a little sore in my back though." I said touching it softly. "Can i look?" He asked. I nodded and he lifted my shirt so he could look at the spot i was shot at.

"Alex, what are you doing?" I asked laughing seeing him doing weird things with his legs.

"Well, what does it looks like i'm doing?" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and giggled a bit. Alex is really sweet. I actually like him. After Jake was done he put my shirt back down and walked into my closet. 

"You don't find anything you fit, i'm sure about that Jake." I laughed. Alex laughed to and stood up.

"No, i'm trying to find the perfect outfit for tonight. You must go all in black so that it's easier for you to not be regonized." Jake explained.

"Well, i already have a black skinny pants and a black longsleeve shirt. And my black jordans, isn't that enough black?"

"There isn't s limit for wearing black sweetheart. But maybe like a black beanie for your hair?" Then Jake threw a black beanie at me. I never knew i had beanies in my closet. I shrugged it off and sat down on the bed and combed through my hair. I hated when i had all those knots in my hair.

"Oh and we also have a little suprise for you and Claire. Ryan already gave it to her, so here is your suprise." Alex gave me a box. I took it from him and looked at it skeptically. I opened it and gasped once i saw what was inside. 

"No way! You gave me my own gun!" I yelled. I put the box with the gun inside on my bed and  tackled Alex to the ground and kissed him all over his face. He smiled and pushed my face away. I stood up and walked back to my bed. I grabbed the gun out of the box and admired it. It was blue with the first letter of my name on it. It was beautiful. Alex chuckled and Jake laughed and walked away.

"So, what do you think? Pretty cool hu?" Alex asked me.

"Omg, yes! It's awesome. Thank you so much!" I squaled and pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his cheek. Close to his mouth. I heard someone clear their throat so i looked up and saw Jason standing there.

"Oh hey Jason. Look what Alex gave me! Isn't it awesome!" I said showing him the gun. Jason looked so sad when i showed it to him. But his face soon changed into emotionless.

"Yeah, it's cool. But i wanted to gave it to you." He pouted.

"Well, since you were to busy with Lucy, i gave it. And be ready in 1 hour cause were leaving then." Alex spat and walked away.

"So, you really like your suprise hu?" Jason chuckled.

"Yes. Thank you so much! It's amazing. But there aren't any bullets in it." I said confused.

"No, i know. I'll give you the bullets when were there."

"Okay, I love it!" I hugged him and i felt him hug me back. I smiled and pulled back.

"I'm gonna show mine to Claire!" I squaled and walked out my room. I never thought i would love a gun so much. But i think that if you live with boys who use their guns all the time you get attracted to it.

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