Chapter 2

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Karina's Pov*

After class it was lunch time, I didn't have any friends so I sat next to my locker. I heard some boys walking towards me, they were the popular boys and Brooklyn was the leader of the group.

"Haha look her" one guy says laughing at me

"Hahaha look at her top" another guy says laughing and Brooklyn was laughing too, I looked at my top and saw a red dot mark on my left breast pocket and they laughed, I frowned and washed it off, then a bunch of popular girls came towards me

"Aww how cute is she?" a girl says

"I'm Regan, leader of the group, do you want to join us?" she asks, I had no friends and maybe people will like me if I hang out them

"Sure" I say

"But there's a few rules, you will need to fix up a lot of things" Hayley says and I nod, they re did my make up and hair in the bathroom and fixed up my uniform so it was like theirs

"Thanks" I say smiling

It was time for home and I got my bag and started walking down the hall, some of the guys didn't laugh but some did. I felt judged but maybe your supposed to on your first day of school. I got home and got dressed, I put on my active wear and got my phone, I went for a 3km run. After running I stopped a few meters from my house to rest, I then see Brooklyn taking out the trash, I avoided looking at him but he called my name and ran towards me.

"Hey Karina" Brooklyn says

"Ugh what do you want?" I ask

"I just want to say hi and you are welcome to my home" he says

"Well I don't want to go to your house" I say and storming off, I was really angry with him because he laughed at me at school, I got home and took a shower. I looked at my phone and Brooklyn kept texting me an calling me but I ignored. I then heard a knock on the door, I opened it and saw him, I shook my head and closed the door.

"Karina what's wrong?" he asked

"Like today was nothing, laughing and everything" I say

"Look I didn't laugh at you, I read a text message from my brother and I laughed but I looked at you while I did it so I'm sorry, but you can ignore me if you want, I just wanted to become better friends with you" he says and I open the door

"Okay then" I say

"Come to my house" he says and I go

"This is my room" Brooklyn says showing me around his house

"Wow this is amazing" I say

"No, the indoor pool is amazing" he says showing me and I jaw drop

"It is" I say

We sat in his room an got to know each other more. He really seemed interested in me and that was different. I told him all about my life and he told me about his too.

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