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maddie's pov
"Mads," Harry called from the kitchen.

"What?" I groaned, running my eyes.

"It's your boss, Ashton, he says he needs you at his office in like... Ten minutes!"

Great, I wonder what it will be now. Last week I nearly got fired, no idea why. It's how he rolls!

I changed into my black skirt, a white shirt and my blazer. I quickly put on my high heels and added a bit of make up.

"Mm, see you later Haz." I kissed his cheek as I left for work.

I arrived at my work place, the Irwin's Building. It's just called, Irwin. I don't know but these days, every company's naming their company after their last names which is kind of weird but who am I to judge?

I went into the elevator, waving and smiling to a couple of my co-workers. I pressed the top button and the doors closed with a 'ding'.

I finally got to my boss' office and waved to Maria at the reception. I knocked three times and heard a loud 'come in'.

I opened the door and Mr Irwin was wearing his usual tuxedo with his hair up in a quiff. (( everyones going on about his quiff lIKE SHUSHHHH IT CAN SO BE IN A QUIFF K ITS HAPPENING YOURE WELCOME))

"I'm guessing that you're wondering why you're here, am I right?" Obviously.

I nodded, taking a seat in front of his desk.

"Well, I have a special job for you."

Oh good I'm not getting fired. I sighed in relief.

"Oh, what is it?"

"The Hemmings."

"The Hemmings? What about them?"

"Your job is to get hired there and you must tell us the secrets, details all of those things. You must sabotage their company."

"W-What? Won't they know I work here? They hate us, we hate them... They won't hire me!" I panicked. Oh god, please no.

"We are going to fix your records, we'll worry about that. So, will you do it?"

"I don't know..."

"As a reward, you will be payed ten times as much as you normally get, you will be provided one of the best cars of ours and a cruise trip around the world with whom you choose. If that's not good enough, then name your price."

A cruise trip around the world? Something I've been saving up for years!

I guess I could do it, what harm could be done?

"Okay I'll do it... Also with that, could I get KFC delivered at my house every Sunday night at 8PM and Chinese food on Tuesdays, the same time too!" I smiled as he chuckled. ((this is so lame fight me))

"Yes, of course. Your rewards and all, you'll receive them 10 weeks after you get hired, since we're very busy... Although I can work something out for the KFC and Chinese food." He smiled, dimples showing.

"Well then, when do I go there?"

"We sent Maria there and she said you're starting in a few days... I'll get a driver to drop you off there at 6:30AM, okay?"


I was starting at the Hemmings Inc. today and I was hell nervous! It's 5 in the morning and I was pacing around trying to work out what was going on.

"Maddie? Why are you up?" Harry came in the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.

I explained to him what was going on and he laughed. He laughed. What the hell was so funny?

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