Waddup Freakz 


i'm tired ass hell

had a mariage last night so i got home at 7.30 am

Welp Enjoy guys !!

Tiffany P.O.V

i hear everybody talking i want to talk but i can't 

?? : you need to wake up

Tiffany : who said that?

?? : don't you remember me?

Tiffany : no i'm sorry

Benedicte : i'm dead your sister look we don't have time you need to wake up fast before it's too late and know that dad loves you he is just to stubburn to say or show it 

Tiffany : we love you and everybody knows he is stubborn he always was why do you think we are 

Benedicte : *sees the light* it's time to go but aye yo Tiff stay away from that boy you call michael he is not for you

Tiffany : *smirks* what you mean

Benedict : you will see *slowly dissapears*

Tiffany : wait come back

Thanks for reading

this been in my drafts for ages 

because of my DAD -_- he has been testing me since last week 

cutting my computer time shorter than normal and taking my phone away nigga DAFUUQ?!

imma try to update as soon as possible 

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