Chapter 8- Memory

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The hospital was dark but still buzzing with nurses and doctors. Alfie had taken a turn for the worse - he needed surgery on his broken wrist. The doctors operated on him late at night and re - structured his wrist with pins.

By 4 o'clock in the morning he was back in his room and starting to wake up. The doctors called in Marcus, Niomi and Zoe. Zoe ran to Alfie and hugged him. I heard Alfie cry out.

" Zoe what the hell?!" Zoe stood back confused. "Wha....Alfie..why..."she stammered.

"Where's Cat?" He asked.

"Alfie, why do you want Cat?"Marcus asked.

"Because she's my girlfriend? Remember?" Alfie said.

"Alfie, you broke up with her three months ago," Zoe whispered.

"I WHAT?!"

Just then two doctors burst into the room. The man held a clipboard and the woman was pushing some sort of trolley with a machine on it. They hauled a curtain around Alfie and we stood outside waiting.

After about half an hour, the doctors came out and the man spoke to us.

"Hi, I'm Dr Dave Eaton and this Dr Karen Irwin. Are you relatives of Alfred or do you know him personally?"

"Personally," Zoe said.

Dr Karen looked at us.

"We have a problem. Alfie, unfortunately, has amnesia. He seems to have hit his head in the accident. He can't remember anything from the last three months. I'm so sorry. We can give him drugs to help him remember but we need to be patient. He has to remember it on his own," she said.

We all nodded again. Zoe started breathing heavily. Oh no. She was having a panic attack. She started panting and crying and the doctors sat her down on the bed next to us. We all sat on the bed opposite and we talked to her kindly until she began to calm down. She hugged us all.

"Thanks guys," she smiled.

"No problem," I said.

"Okay, guys. What are we going to do about Alfie?"

"Marcus, I don't even know. Maybe we should just let him be and we can help him if he needs it. The doctors said not to say too much because it won't help his memory. We can help him if he asks though," I said.

They both nodded.

"We have to stay strong. For Alfie."

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