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We stayed outside on call for a few minutes when I heard something.

"Nevaeh she's not picking up. This is your last day at this school. Say good bye to your friends because you will no longer see them today is your last day at Camebridge." Miss said

Nevaeh walked out and glared at us and walked to her class. Thank god she wasn't in ours! We went to our class and realised nevaeh walked to the class next door. Chloe out on the lift pass on a lanyard and knocked on the door.

"Yes?" The teacher said

"Nevaeh needs to go to the head mistress immediately" Chloe said

"Okay nevaeh go on" the teacher said

Nevaeh walked out.

"You're not on monitor! What do you want?" Nevaeh said

"We are ditching school and you're coming" Chloe said

"Urm why?" Nevaeh asked

"Urmm because I said so" Chloe said sarcastically

Never the less nevaeh followed us. We jumped the school gate and walked to the park.

"Right nevaeh why did you say those things?" Chloe asked

"Coz they're true" nevaeh said

"You little bitch!" Chloe said

Nevaeh punched Chloe in the stomach. Chloe doubled up.

"Right that tears it!" Chloe screamed and started kicking nevaeh

They were having a full on fight. It seemed like Chloe was winning. I rang Charlie. It was break at school so he should pick up

"Leo?" He said

"Urmm Charlie Chloe's fighting nevaeh!" I said

"Are you at the park?" He asked

"Yep how did you know?" I asked

"This happens a lot. I'm on my way" Charlie said

I tried to split them up but nevaeh scratched my face. Paige out an antiseptic wipe on it and put a plaster on it. Then Charlie came running over.

"Leo go and get nevaehs mum she lives around the corner" Charlie said

"Okay" I ran to her house when a white van pulled up

I turned around, Charlie grabbed Paige's hand and ran. Chloe shouted something to me but I couldn't hear her. And the next thing I knew a hand was over my mouth and I was being dragged into the back of a van...

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