chapter five

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We walk for about an hour before Sophie turns to face me.

"You have to be quiet," she says, not so quietly. I nod. We return to walking. I'm starting to wonder why we are going on this run. I know Sophie needs a jacket, but couldn't it wait? It was nearly midday.

"You don't talk much, do you?" Sophie asks. I shrug.

"Well, what do you like?" She pesters.

"There's nothing to like," I reply.

"Oookaaayy..." Sophie goes silent for a few seconds.

"What did you like before this?" She asks.

"Aren't we meant to be quiet?" That came out a lot harsher than it was meant to. Sophie raises her eyebrows at me.

"Someone's happy today," she says. I just shrug. I'm not in the mood to talk. "You shouldn't show this side to the others because they won't take it well," she states.

"But you do?"

"I guess I can relate," she shrugs. "Anyway, we're safe for now," she answers my original question.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"I just do."

We walk in silence for about 10 minutes before Sophie stops.

"Now," she whispers, "we need to be as quiet as possible." I don't really see the reason for her telling me this because we weren't talking before. I just go with it.

The place we are in is deserted. It's what I assume to be an old plaza. The place is beautiful what with all the old buildings and the gardens. The place has an outside space in the shape of an octagon, surrounded by old shops. One side of the octagon has a road branching off of it which has more shops on the sides. The flooring is paled bricks with weeds growing through the cracks, which I found to be beautiful. My hands itched for a pencil and paper so I could draw this picturesque view. What made the place even more stunning was the emptiness of it. I can imagine what it would have been like before all this happened; people would have been rushing around to get last minute birthday shopping done, teenagers would have flooded all the new stores, there would have been the corners where the smokers hung, the people all snapping at each other. But that was all gone now. And it was magnificent.

"Come on," Sophie whispers, grabbing my wrist and leading me down the street. We are walking right in the middle.

"Shouldn't we be hiding behind things, for you know, protection?" I whisper back. Sophie shakes her head, continuing to walk down the street. We walk until Sophie places her hand on my arm, signalling me to stop. We have reached some sort of clothes shop. She crouches down and peers the through the window, I follow suit.

"Bingo!" Sophie hisses.

We tiptoe into the shop and Sophie quickly finds her way to the jumpers section. I take a scope of the shop and see it as a cheap place that sells simple clothes. All of the clothes have been left neatly on the tables and coat hangers, as if no one has touched them. I walk over to Sophie, who has pulled out a simple black zip up jacket. It's kind of like mine except mine has some brand logo on the back. Sophie's is just plain black. The material is thin, but looks soft, and the price tag, though faded, says that it costs 10 dollars. Sophie quickly pulls on the jacket, leaving it unzipped, and grabs her backpack off the floor, sliding it onto her shoulders.

"Do you need anything?" she whispers. "I reckon we have about four minutes before we have to leave."

I raise an eyebrow at her. Why are we time restricted? In answer to her question, I shake my head.

"Okay, let's go!"

I follow Sophie out of the shop and she turns to go back the way we came from.

"If we're lucky," Sophie tells me, "we can stop by at a supermarket and grab some food. I think I saw one on the way here." I don't reply. I see no reason to, and so does Sophie, apparently. We walk in silence, it's not uncomfortable, we both seem to enjoy the quietness. I take the time to observe the scenery again. It truly is beautiful. I see a small movement in the corner of my eye and jump.

"What?" Sophie asks, looking around. I look hard at where the movement came from and see nothing.

"Nothing," I shrug it off. "I just thought I saw something." As soon as I say that the movement happens again. My heart starts to pick up it's pace, my hands start shaking. I stare at the disturbance in the silence and watch as the movement is repeated. Something rises off the ground and falls back down again, almost resembling something breathing. I look at the shape, too small to be anything dangerous. I creep forward to get a better look. As I'm about 10 metres away from whatever it is, I can see that it is in fact two different shapes. Birds to be exact. I can't tell what species, not that I know any bird species, but one is seemingly dead and the other one is hopping around the fallen creature. As I get even closer, curiosity controlling me, I see the dead bird's stomach is ripped open, blood, and what I assume to be some form of organs, flooding out over the grey feathers. The bird that is jumping around, flapping its wings stops moving and digs it's pointed beak into the dead birds stomach. It fishes around, its face almots fully in the deceased form, until it stands back up with what I take to be an intestine captured between its beak. The bird breaks off a piece and swallows it whole.

I hear gagging from behind me and turn to see Sophie doubled over.

"That," she gasps, "is disgusting.' I simply nod in agreement. It is disgusting, but it is what the world has come to. Things are dropping dead at the click of a finger.

We stay where we are, ignoring the birds that are now behind us for a short while. Sophie has now sat herself on the ground, claiming that she is light headed. I am crouched down next to her, not sure what to do. It's quiet for about thirty seconds before Sophie snaps up her head. Her eyes are wide and her breathing picks up speed again. She pushes herself onto her feet and pulls me with her.

"We have to go," she hisses. "Now!" She breaks into a sprint, me following a split second after her, confused. I don't know why we are suddenly running like we are being chased. I shoot a quick glance over my shoulder and see nothing.

We run and we run. I start to lose feeling in my legs and I can taste blood in my mouth. Sophie only picks up her speed. Or I slow down. I can't really tell. We turn into an alleyway and our footsteps echo off the walls. I am gasping for air by now and am about to call out for a break when Sophie stops. I crash into her and stumble backwards, hitting a bin and knocking it over, causing a huge crash.

"," Sophie mutters. She jogs over to the end of the alleyway and pokes her head around the corner. I hear a sharp intake of breath. As I'm about to ask her what's wrong, a hand grabs her arm and pulls her into the open. In a moment, my sight is filled with walking corpses, jaws clacking, all climbing over each other, hungry.

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