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❝When In Rome❞

[Ten x Rose]

Spoiler: The Stone Rose (doctor who canon novel) - sample of audiobook in media section , I highly suggest you listen to it because you will drool over Tennant's gorgeous voice ;) (or read it! the epub is easy to find and download but doesn't have the majestic power of his scottish accent but it does have a few cute scenes that the audiobook cuts)

— • —

Stepping out of the TARDIS, Rose Tyler was faced with a familiar sight. "We're back in Rome," she sighed.

"New Year's eve 1999, just under ten minutes before the new millennium," the Doctor corrected, following Rose out of the TARDIS. He wrapped his hand around her own, relishing in the warmth, something that he had missed while frozen in stone form.

Rose raised her almost black eyebrows, "Why here?"

"Why not?" the Doctor replied with a grin. Pulling her forward, he dragged Rose away from the TARDIS and into the clustered streets of celebrating citizens.

"I remember this night," Rose began as they wandered the still stone cobbled streets, "I watched it on the telly with my mum; sat at home with tea and too much cake."

"Sounds like a good night," the Doctor shrugged.

"Shut up," Rose shot back.

They made their way through the heart of Rome until bumping into a congregation of people. "Must be the fireworks on around here," the Doctor pointed out. Instead of continuing they decided to set up shop with the other people. By this stage it was a minute until midnight and the swarm of people buzzed with anticipation.

"Can I ask you something Doctor?"


Hesitating for a moment, Rose bit her lip before asking, "Why did you kiss me earlier?"

"Pardon?" the Doctor asked, as if he hadn't heard her.

"Kissed me; when I turned you back to flesh. It was a bloody good kiss but why did you do it?" Rose felt blood rush to her cheeks but she was dying to know the answer.

The doctor went to say something but he thought better of it, shutting his mouth and scrunching his brows together.


"Well..." the Doctor trailed off, getting drowned out by a chant of people.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one."

At the count of one a magnificent burst of fireworks exploded the sky, staining the blackness with red light and grey smoke. People around them cheered before grabbing those closest and giving them an earnest snog.

Looking away from the fireworks and back at Rose, the Doctor tugged her hand. "Happy twenty-first century Rose Tyler," he whispered, drawing out her name before following the lead of those around him.

Before Rose could muster up a response his lips were pressed on her own. They were soft; the kiss was sweet. When Rose realised what the Doctor was doing she didn't pull away, instead she kissed back as it was tradition after all. Around her she could hear the first sounds of the millennium; fireworks, people cheering and the racing heartbeat of her own single heart. None of that really mattered in that single moment, nothing mattered besides him. She happily kissed the Doctor back, her body tingled as he kept the kiss going until after the now distant sound of the fireworks stopped. With her body pressed insanely close to his own, Rose Tyler was the first to part from the kiss. With their faces almost touching, she could feel his warm breath, ragged as they both replenished their starved lungs.

"Happy new year Doctor," Rose finally had the chance to respond, a smile brighter than the sun lit up her face. The Doctor responded with a smile equally as radiant as her own. "Now about the other kiss," Rose continued with their conversation before the snog, "What caused you to do it?"

Shrugging, the Doctor went back to just holding Rose's hand, "When in Rome, Rose, you do crazy things."

Leaning into the Doctor she asked, "Can we come to Rome more often?"

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